Spread the Love & the Caffeine: Winky Lux Wakey Wakey Collection & Coffee Kitten Palette

Have I mentioned the 3C’s – life essentials that modern girls need in endless supply? Collagen, Confidence, and Coffee. The first we can stockpile with bone broth and collagen supplements, and the second is a longer story. The third is in ubiquitous supply and my favorite daily indulgence. Some of us like our coffee like our men – dark and strong. I like my coffee like my men and my skincare: high-performing, caffeine-forward, and in a rainbow of rich shades. Winky Lux is on that tip with the Wakey Wakey Collection of caffeine-boosted eye essentials and the Coffee Kitten Eye Shadow Palette.

For anyone like me for whom the under-eye area is the bane of healthy-looking skin, the Wakey Wakey products are a must, as is keeping them in the fridge for maximum de-puffing and brightness. Upon waking, the Hydrogel Under Eye Patches are the first to apply to fake a full-night sleep and get you pumped for the day. Jiggly, moist, and jam-packed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, in addition to caffeine, the under-eye gels offer moisture and brightening to firm and reduce bags.

I like to work the remaining serum in with the metallic Eye Cream Applicator for maximum absorption and tightening. A few additional massaging passes of the applicator, still cold due to its central ceramic bead, with the Wakey Wakey Eye Cream completes the regimen with a final dose of caffeinated moisture and pearl extract for a lifted, soft focus finish and under eye area prepped for makeup. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, the clean (no ickies) formulation left my eye area primed for the next step – coffee-focused makeup.

Though not actually caffeinated, the java-scented Coffee Kitten Palette stays on message – coffee and beauty go hand-in-hand. The nine highly pigmented micro-milled eye shadows in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes are cleverly named as homages to the most iconic coffee concoctions. My favorite in the collection, Affogato, the luscious liquid that pools after a cold scoop of gelato is drowned in a hot syrupy shot of espresso delivers the payoff without all the calories. With a swipe of Cappuccino in the crease, it’s a perfect neutral base shadow for subtle day looks, or for an eye smoked out with the deeper Cappuccino and Espresso mattes, even kicked up a notch with a shimmery pass of the Cold Brew shade.

Formulated with clean vegan ingredients and festive packaging, the Winky Lux Wakey Wakey Collection is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion when you need to dote on your favorite clean beauty warriors and coffee addicts.


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