Spring Bounty: SerumKind, ReVive, Naturopathica, Nyakio + Raincry Repair

Like so many flowers in a spring garden, these beauty products can enable you to blossom and glow in warm weather. All are brands with ingredient integrity too, so you can feel great about supporting them.


Serumkind Facial Serum – Chaga Charging Drop
This is a luscious serum compared to all others, feeling a bit like smooth honey without the stickiness. I love how it settles into the skin, creating a protective baby softness. Chaga is deeply nourishing and rich in nutrients such as beta-glucans for skin-friendly smoothing and replenishing. This Korean beauty brand harnesses the benefits of the mushrooms that flourish on Siberia’s birch trees, and this product also includes ginger root and schisandra.

Serumkind Black Blossom Hand Serum
Due to its elegant and mysterious color, Holland’s Black Tulip is a symbol of absolute beauty, royalty, and nobility. Enriched with astragalin, a bioactive natura flavonoid, this serum provides long-lasting hydration and protection for the delicate skin of your hands.

Serumkind Chaga Charging Powder – Dietary Supplement
The chaga mushroom grows slowly on birch trees for more than 15 years and contains the most nutrients of any other mushroom. This extract powder can be added to your favorite drinks to improve overall health and boost immunity — and that’s a beautiful thing.

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nyakio (neh-kay-oh, which means “hardworking woman in the sun.”)

nyakio Maracuja & Yangu Rescue oil
Indigenous and clean ingredients, secret family beauty formulations, and fair trade shea butter render this product a veritable superpower. Stressed skin will bask in its luxurious and restorative oil, comprised of cold-pressed Maracuja and Yangu. These oils create a protective barrier on the skin but feel lightweight and softening. This gift from Brazil’s passion fruit (Maracuja oil) and South Africa’s Cape Chestnut tree, which is known as The Beautiful Tree (Yangu nuts) is a tribute to nature’s ability to regenerate.

nyakio BAOBAB – Youth-Infused Daily Defense Creme
Hailing from Ghana, the Baobab Tree is dubbed The Tree of Life — and this luxe cream combines its goodness with shea butter in a clean-ingredient moisturizer. Founder Nyakio Kamoche Grieco utilizes longstanding family beauty secrets to create a lightweight facial cream that feels fantastic on the skin as it protects and nourishes. From leaves to roots, the Baobab Tree offers its gifts for natural beauty.

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ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Hydrogel
You can apply this deeply hydrating serum morning and night to revitalize skin and renew its vitality. Its micro-beads have a cooling and refreshinng effect, too — which you’ll appreciate first thing in the morning! Use this in conjunction with the products below, or on its own as a standalone hydrator.

ReVive Glow Elixir Hydrating Radiance Oil
This is a multi-benefit elixir that will impart a luminous, healthy glow and soften skin into a pearlescent radiance. Apply this lightweight oil over your moisturizer, or simply use for a highlighting effect. It’s time for you to glow outside!

ReVive Brightening Moisture Mask
This brightening and moisturizing mask energizes skin as it nourishes it with hydration. Infused with Vitamin C and the building block ATP, it removes dull skin while imparting brightness. Your skin will be feel smoother, softer, and more enriched. Your pore clarity will improve, too. Use once or twice a week for 10 – 15 minutes. Voila! Spring gorgeousness.

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Naturopathica:Naturopathica Sensitive Skin collection

Naturopathica – Marshmallow + Microalgae – Sensitivity Soothing Creme
A heavenly whipped cream that is specially formulated for sensitive skin that contains soothing marshmallow and microalgea to pacify irritated skin and provide balance for your healthiest complexion. Sensitive is beautiful!

Naturopathica – Marshmallow + Ceramide – Sensitivity Soothing Serum
This milky serum is also excellent for sensitive skin and its soothing marshmallow combined with repairing ceramide reduces redness and itchiness to impart supple, silken skin and deeper beauty.

Naturopathica – Marshmallow + Probiotic – Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser
A cushiony, pillow soft cream cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin with soothing marshmallow and probiotics to immediately remove impurities and combat redness for fresh, supple skin.

Find them all HERE.


Raincry Repair – ReBuild Bond Repair

This transformative leave-in conditioner is excellent for dry, brittle and damaged tresses. It’s especially formulated for re-building and bonding hair with collagen peptides, CBD, and Lotus Flower. Contains 300mg CBD oil, and is paraben-free, color-safe and keratin-safe.

Find Raincry HERE.


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