Step into Spring with these Beauty Essentials for Better Hair, Skin and Feet

Watermelon Hydration
Give your face a hydration bath with the power of watermelon. This thirst-quenching fruit is filled with antioxidants and essential vitamins A, B and C. Ideal for all skin types, Hanhoo’s Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum is a fluid, cooling gel that instantly refreshes and hydrates the face. For daytime, use the Watermelon Illuminator Daytime Facial Oil to add a soft glow to your complexion. Hydrate without clogging your pores with Hanhoo; find the collection at Walmart.

Happy Feet
Nurture your feet and have them looking their best for oncoming sandal weather with the Barefoot Scientist, a collection to heal and protect feet after the winter when they need it the most. The High Dive Daily Intensive Hydration Therapy moistens and heals parched soles and mends cuticles. The Inner Strength Nail and Cuticle Renewal Drops moisten and heal your dry toenails. The Preheels+ Blister Prevention Spray protects your feet from friction when walking in new shoes while the Twinkle Toes Deodorizing Purification Spray eliminates and prevents odors. Look up this fabulous collection that gives your feet an entirely new life at

Better Circulation
Wear Compression socks this Spring on your travels, and even for your work out time, to improve circulation and the look of your legs. Cute, comfortable, and fantastic for relieving swollen, achy legs and feet, the colorful and fun Comrad Compression Socks are nothing like your mother’s. Full of benefits for people of all ages, they energize your whole body and help it overcome fatigue faster whether you run, swim, or stay long hours on your feet by increasing blood circulation. Prevent blood clots with this essential, easy investment. Look up the bright and happy collection at ?

Sheet Mask for the Stars
Instant facial rejuvenation and hydration is achieved with When’s The Last Choice Extra Hydrating Premium Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask. Your skin will drink up the serum and coconut juice to look fresh and hydrated. Simply apply the jelly like mask sheet on your face and relax for half hour.The Last Choice also contains sodium hyaluronate, saccharide isomerate, hyaluronic acid, and ginseng extracts — all effective for maintaining skin healthy. Discover this essential Korean beauty along with many others at

Brows That Wow
Enjoy thicker eyebrows this Spring with Vegamour VegaBrow Volumizing Serum. Watch as your depleted brows regain new life and become fuller in 30 days. The vegan, non-toxin formula contains an exclusive polyphytobase complex with active phytomolecules, zinc, and biotin to revive hair follicles. Try the Vegalash Thicker Fuller Faster Volumizing Mascara to add va-va-voom to your puckers without harming your lashes. Fight hair loss with the Vegamour Volumizing Hair Serum that helps in 30 days to increase hair density by 50% by stimulating follicles. Discover the amazing collection for better brows, lashes and hair at

Vitamin C Magic
Brighten and improve your skin’s texture instantly with MyChelle Dermaceuticals Perfect PRO Serum with 25% L-Ascorbic Vitamin C. By providing antioxidant/anti-pollution benefits, thanks to a higher active level of stable 25% L-Ascorbic Acid, it improves your complexion and reduces signs or aging with regular use. Apply one pump to skin in the morning before applying your moisturizer — or use at night before your night cream. Savor your best skin ever with this pioneer and authority in advanced, bioactive skin care. Michelle uses only the best most ethically sourced ingredients at