Sun’s Out, Sunscreen’s Out! A Sun-Shielding Roundup

Frolic in the sun without paying dearly for it later with these sunscreens that protect and deliver skin-saving benefits. Here are our faves for 2019:

Light and Protective
Eminence Lilikoi Defense Moisturizer is a lightweight, SPF 33 mineral & organic sunscreen moisturizer that’s fluid, easily-absorbed and offers protection against the sun and pollution from the environment without white residue. Your skin will be moisturized with a very light sheer, and you can be confident that it’s protected from skin damage in its most vulnerable areas. Find it at

Reef Safe
Vegans and nature lovers make sure not to use oxybenzone and octinoxate on their skin, as it is proven that these chemicals damage coral. While defending your skin from the harmful UVB and UVA rays that penetrate the dermis, C?TZ is a voice in skincare committed not to damage the foundations of the marine ecosystem. With C?TZ The Healthier Sunscreen, UV rays are reflected away from the skin and never absorb them. Easily applied on the skin, the 100% chemical-free, super light formula has a light tint to reverse the mineral whitening effect on the dermis and impart a healthy glow. Available at

Super Sensitive Skin Salve
For extremely sensitive skin, a soothing formula like Zenmed’s Skin Protecting Lotion with SPF 30 feels like a blessing. Very light and easily absorbed, the mineral based, aloe-rich, 100% chemical free formulation offers broad spectrum coverage without clogging pores or leaving any white residue on the skin. Recommended for post-procedural skin, this non-comedogenic lotion allows your skin to breathe while being totally protected from the sun. Walk confidently outside without any worries all summer long. Learn more at

Super light
For a weightless, softening, not-clogging daily moisturizer with SPF 30, pick Kopari’s Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen. Mineral-based and rich in antioxidants, it not only defends your skin against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, but also from the blue (HEV) light from your electronic devices. Cute and easy to hold in your hand while applying, it can be safely kept in your purse to pull out whenever you feel the need. Non-greasy, vegan, reef safe, fragrance- and cruelty-free, discover it at

Mama’s Sunscreen
Mature skin will love Robin Mc Graw Revelation 50 Fierce Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Moisturizer & Sunscreen Day Time, an ultra-dependable sunscreen that helps boost hydration and healthy collagen while protecting the skin from the sun’s most damaging rays. Rich in ingredients like Vitamin C, Co Q10 and peptides, it feeds the skin what it needs to resist the sun’s damaging effect. No parabens, no SLS, no mineral oil, no formaldehyde, no animal testing. Nab it at