The Dassai Facial Mask with Sake: Perfectly Clear Skin for the Holidays

Having beautiful skin when your skin is easily irritated and reactive can be a nightmare during the holidays when so many pictures are taken. We all know the feeling when no matter what we do to calm it, our skin still looks uneven, reddish, or dull. To soothe your skin and bring out a translucent glow of balance and purity, even when it seems that there is no recourse, treat your skin to the Dassai Facial Mask, exclusive to Shiko Beauty

The Dassai Facial Mask is formulated with Dassai 23 sake, brewed from rice milled twenty-four hours a day over seven days and Dassai Sake Lee Essence. Dassai Sake Lee Essence contains 16 natural amino acids (glutamic acid, aspartic acid, leucine, arginine, alanine, valine) that are primary components of the skin’s own natural moisturizing factor. It also includes nano-collagen, a form of hydrolyzed collagen with a reduced molecular weight offering excellent permeability and high moisture retention and a highly stable vitamin C variant providing antioxidant effects and improved skin absorbability, dullness reduction, and skin smoothing.

Simply apply the mask on your cleaned face and let all its rich ingredients get absorbed by your skin to transform it in a blink. You will be amazed at how clear and translucent your skin looks for all your parties’ pictures. You’ll barely need any foundation because your skin will be so even and naturally glowing. In Japan, skincare is an art form. Find out for yourself at HERE.


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