The Cleverness of Nudeskin Beauty’s Magnet 5-in-1 Tool Set

The Nudeskin Beauty Magnet 5-in-1 Rose Gold Professional Skin Tool Set is the Swiss Army Knife of face tools. Invented by licensed esthetician and influencer Liz Kennedy, the tools can be used individually then snapped back together, fitting snugly into each other with a magnetic base. Keep them on your makeup table and take them with you when you travel to fix many common skin problems in a quick, efficient way.

The 5 tools include the following:
A Professional Derma Roller to help to support younger-looking skin.
A Rose Quartz Face Roller to firm the look of skin through gentle massage, stimulating lymphatic drainage all over the face, including the jawline and neck
A De-Puffing Eye Roller to gently massage the under-eye area & helps encourage natural drainage
A Comedone Extractor designed to help you safely & hygienically extract blemishes
A Precise Tweezer, a convenient, brow tool that can help you quickly remove any stray unwanted hairs on the face and body.

I love using the tools on my visage on a regular basis because the massage tools feel fantastic and energize and plump my skin by activating circulation. It is so handy to be able to carry all of these tools in a magnetized fashion so as not to lose any of them. And the set looks beautiful. It makes a stunning gift for yourself or your best friend.

Nab this essential beauty toolset HERE.


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