The Revive Light Therapy Soniqué Mini for Radiant, Softer Skin

Refine your skin’s texture and fight the signs of aging with the ReVive Light Therapy Soniqué Mini, an anti-aging waterproof sonic cleansing facial brush with multi-spectrum light. The Soniqué Mini uses red, infrared and amber LED light therapy to stimulate natural collagen production and elastin in your epidermis. Your skin tone and texture will feel a lot smoother and will be more radiant after use, with fine lines and wrinkles less visible. Sonic vibrations massage the skin, stimulate circulation and open pores for a deeper invigorating facial cleanse.

How to use:
— Attach the sonic silicone treatment brush and place two AAA batteries to power up the device (batteries do not come with the device).
— Wet your skin and the brush head with warm water.
— Apply your cleanser to the brush head or your skin.
— Twist the brush on to trigger the red, infrared and amber LED light therapy.
— Select the treatment mode.
— Move the device over your visage and enjoy the therapeutic lights.

Your face will be a lot softer with a rejuvenating glow even after the first use. In a clinical study, 97% of users experienced significant wrinkle reduction after use, and it is FDA-cleared and recommended by skincare professionals. Find it HERE


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