The Ultimate Mother’s Day 2022 Roundup

Celebrate the rockstar moms out there with a gift full of love and thought. From beauty products, to pure fun, and the thoroughly practical, we’ve collected all the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to make the mama in your life feel treasured on her special day.

Oh It’s Natural
Treat mom to all-organic and invigorating skincare with Oh It’s Natural. Founder PJ Johnson has produced a line that specifically addresses acne, dark spots, dry skin, and eczema to cater to these important needs. PJ has an interesting story about how her business came about: after refusing to take another prescription drug filled with harmful toxins, she used her grandmother’s old herbal recipes to craft simple, organic, and gentle solutions to treat her adult acne… and voila! Oh It’s Natural was born. These products are wonderful for achieving a fresh, clearer complexion. Subscribe to emails and receive 15% off your first purchase. Peruse the fantastic collection at

Magic Teeth Whitening Power
Bring on the dazzling pearly whites with Magic Teeth Whitening Power. Developed by renowned whitening brand SNOW this sprinkle powder goes on to any toothpaste for an instant boosting formula. For best results make sure mom uses this product up to four times a week. She will be thrilled with her whiter and brighter smile. Order it HERE.

Get your eco-conscious mother a real treat for her locks. Hairstory Hair Balm (a clean conditioning cream) and Hairstory Dressed Up (a heat-protecting setting lotion) will make your mother proud that you care about the planet. Both products are not only fabulous and work wonders on the hair, but they are both available in refill form — which means they are less expensive to purchase! What I love about Hairstory Hair Balm is that no hair dryer is necessary to achieve maximum results. Combined with leave-in conditioner, part curl cream, and part frizz-fighter, you can style your hair with hardly any effort. The hair balm locks out frizz, thanks to Jojoba Oil without leaving your hair feeling greasy or crunchy. Use this product to moisturize over-processed hair, structure curls, and add weight to give big hair a softer look. It’s a perfect gift because anyone can use it, and wouldn’t we all like to save a little more time in our day? For weightless control that conditions at the same time DRESSED UP is a light setting lotion created for those who use heat styling products to attain their look. The scent is also refreshing and not too overpowering. Hairstory is also part of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of New Wash sales to water-related issues. To date, over $187k has been donated. Nab these fantastic products at and follow @hairstorystudio.

Hydrate Me Body Oil
Made with top-of-the-line ingredients mom will love, Hydrate Me Body Oil by Skin by Brownlee & Co. This luxury product not only will keep the skin completely moisturized all day long, but it also helps to improve the skin’s barrier. Skin by Brownlee & Co is founded by esthetician and black beauty owner Sylvia Brownlee, whose mission is to boost confidence by helping clients achieve a clearer and healthier complexion while addressing acne-prone issues. See more of her amazing products at

Help your mom feel rejuvenated and youthful with CRUDE. This exceptional microbiome-friendly skin and body-care line is unique because all products are soapless and detergent-free, which truly allows the flora to thrive. In a nutshell, we have a range of good flora and bad flora on our skin. The good flora supports our skin to keep it healthy, attractive and vibrant. This is what makes CRUDE so outstanding, as all products are made with 100% organic or wild-grown ingredients. The Founder and CEO, Denise Cartwright, is also a Master Esthetician with over 12 years of experience. Free domestic shipping with orders over $50. Learn more at

AveSeena Micro Algae Immun-B3 Serum
If you really want to spoil your mom, look no further than AveSeena’s Micro Algae Immun-B3 Serum. It’s time to take back that radiant glow. What this serum is especially known for is calming inflammation. Created by renowned immunologist and hormone expert Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, she describes the AveSeena brand as clean, luxurious skincare designed to stop “inflammaging” (aging caused by inflammation). Formulated with micro-algae extracts and precious peptides, AveSeena combats environmental aggressors and the result is a more firm and bright complexion. This product is essential for anyone who wants to even out their dry skin tone and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. Aveseena checks off all the boxes of a Clean Beauty product that you want in your household: non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, synthetic fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested and approved. Even better: when you purchase Aveseena, you get free shipping on all orders of $40 or more AND two free samples! To learn more about the extraordinary line and see additional products that complement the serum, visit

Glad Skin
Illuminate mom’s beauty gently with Glad Skin. The collection of body, face and hair cleansers were created specifically for the most sensitive skin types, but suitable for all. What is even better is that each Glad Skin product is clinically tested but not on animals, hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended and microbiome safe.
Gladskin Makeup Remover
This is a terrific gift because it not only is it extremely useful, but it’s also mild on the face. The oil-based Makeup Remover was developed with the most sensitive skin in mind. Comprising four ingredients only and no fragrance or biome-disrupting preservatives, if mama likes her foundation and powder, than she really needs this clean and effective product.

Gladskin Face Wash
As we age, we really need to take care about what we put on our face. Gladskin’s Face Wash thoroughly removes all impurities, leaving the face super clean without extracting moisture. The complexion will be completely hydrated and revitalized with this product, so mom will appreciate it; sign up for offers, tips and more and receive 10% off your order at

RareLumiere Aspen Candle
If you’re looking for a pleasurable and calming gift, consider RareLumiere. This creative company produces a variety of aromatic candles for every taste. One of their top candles, Aspen , will remind you of a charming mountaintop vacation with fragrant pine, crackling fires, and simmering spice and fruit. Burn time for all of the RareLumiere candles is 55 hours, so it is quite a good investment. Bring on the tranquility and go HERE.


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