Valentine’s Day 2023: Unique Gifts Beyond V-Day

From beauty to art, we’ve rounded up the most distinctive Valentine’s Day gifts to treat your loved ones and yourself this year:

Unhidden Beauty I Love Every Pizza You Eyeshadow Palette

What says I love you better than pizza and eyeshadow! Unhidden Beauty’s I Love Every Pizza You Eyeshadow Palette features a sweet mix of pinks and luminescent shimmery shades that can be used in numerous combos to create a variety of saucy looks. The best part? Since Unhidden Beauty is the go-to online destination for custom eyeshadow palettes, any of their current designs like this can be customized by adding text or picking and naming new shadows. Or simply purchase as-is.

Unhidden Beauty has something for everyone. What is awesome about this line is that all shadows are long lasting, highly pigmented, 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. If you run out of one eyeshadow you don’t have to buy an entire new palette because they are all refillable. Which is much better for your wallet! Shadow your loved ones.

Pucker Up Paper Lips?

For an exclusive Valentine gift that will last, look no further than Pucker Up Paper Lips. Constructed and founded by Laura Richey, these 3D paper sculptures are hand-created in the form of lips and will make a statement in any household. They are the perfect piece of art for all to enjoy. Not only are the striking lips a great conversation starter, but they look even better in person. With so many creative and exceptional designs to choose from, this paper sculpture will light up any room. “Everyone loves to be kissed, so why not put a forever kiss on your wall with paper lips?” Richey says. Even better: you will be supporting a woman-owned business, and all lips are environmentally friendly and made with 100% recyclable paper of different weights and colors. Custom designs are available, so you can’t go wrong with this amazing idea and stunning art. Discover what Pucker Up Paper Lips has to offer here.

FaceTory I Pinky Promise Rejuvenating Sheet Mask – Pack of 5

Give yourself the TLC you truly deserve on the 14th and more days to come with FaceTory’s I Pinky Promise Rejuvenating Sheet Mask Pack. This rejuvenating sheet mask is perfect for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Formulated with beetroot extract, which is packed with Vitamin C, this mask brightens and strengthens the skin, while also combating any premature lines and wrinkles. After one use my face feels incredibly refreshed. For the ecological shopper, every FaceTory product is cruelty-free and without sulfates, paraben, fragrance, synthetic colors and EDTA. Sheet masks are the newest craze everywhere, and FaceTory is affordable. Indulge yourself with a relaxing at home spa day here.

Spongelle Heart Shaped Body Wash Infused Buffers

What better way to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day than with a decadent and festive product? Spongelle Heart Shaped Body Wash Infused Buffers will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and keep your skin hydrated and glowing. If you happen to be taking a quick Valentine’d Day getaway, these buffers are perfect for traveling and are super cute. Available in the following fragrances: Love Always Heart Buffer in Bulgarian Rose (Hot Pink), For the Two of Us Heart Buffer in Sugar Dahlia (Red), Be Mine Heart Buffer in French Lavender (Baby Pink), With Love Heart Buffer in Freesia Pear (White). There is a spongelle for all tastes. Subscribe with your email and receive 25% off your first order. Love your skin and visit here.

Avarelle Love Gift 

Swoon Over the Avarelle Love Gift to cover all your skincare needs. The Avarelle brand specializes in acne patches, and inside this tote bag is everything you need to keep your skin looking flawless. This set includes Avarelle’s Acne Cover Patch Variety Set, Total Calming Toner Pads, Nose Patch Pore & Oil Control, and Brightening Complex. Produced in collaboration with DDArtist, a program by the nonprofit organization GiveChances, the illustration on the tote bag is created by students in DDArtist and the bundle is wrapped by them as well. Purchase this gift and make an impact on the lives on those who have developmental disabilities.

Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla 

Fragrance is always a superb choice for a special gift. Enliven your Valentine spirits along with those of anyone nearby with Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla. This vegan perfume is an olfactory heaven, blended with tonka beans and Madagascar vanilla, the brand’s signature base note. Handcrafted by master natural perfumers, it lasts for hours. Lavanila products never use aluminum, parabens, or harsh chemicals. Free shipping with (US) over $60.

Omorovicza – Queen Oil

Glamify your complexion and revive your skin with Queen Oil, made by luxury award-winning Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza. This product literally is facial regeneration in a bottle. Best part is: you don’t need to apply much to reap the benefits, so it’s a real money saver, too. As the name states, this product legitimately is fit for a queen. Super rich and silky, Queen Oil fosters optimal skin health by restoring the skin barrier and maintains moisture by really locking it in. Your face will feel exceptionally smooth and radiant all day, with no foundation needed. Enjoy complimentary shipping on orders over $50. Omorovicza has a sensational line that is well worth checking out.


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