Women We Laud: Our Q+ A with Skinergy Founder Priscilla Jiminian

(Photo Courtesy of Skinergy Beauty)

BeautyNewsNYC was able to chat with Priscilla Jiminian, founder of Skinergy Beauty, on her background, the company, and her favorite products:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Priscilla Jiminian. I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York, and am Dominican-American. I have been self-employed since the age of 19, and learned about the business world through my years working in real estate. I utilized all of that experience (financial management, entrepreneurship, marketing, networking, client service, etc.) to create and build Skinergy Beauty. Now, I oversee all aspects of Skinergy Beauty. I consider myself a creative, and am very passionate about expressing my visions. I am inspired by nature, humans, and the arts!

2. What is Skinergy Beauty?
Skinergy Beauty is a Latina-owned small business that I started in late 2017 (officially registered as a business in January 2019). I took a trip to my parents’ country, the Dominican Republic, where I found the solution to something that vexed me: dark spots and scars from years of shaving. I documented my journey on Instagram, where I connected with many other women, especially women of color, who had similar skin issues. I began to sell this formula, the Dark Spot Correcting Cream, and it was a big hit. The results were astounding. Today, we’re now at five full-size products focused on correcting, brightening, and hydrating.

(Photo Courtesy of Skinergy Beauty).

3. What made you get into skincare?
I was very curious about how ingredients worked together and became my own “guinea pig” by trying out different Korean skincare routines. As someone that constantly has reactive skin and dullness, I needed to find the solution for myself; ingredients that worked well for sensitized and sensitive skin while simultaneously targeting many skin issues at once. I like to consider myself a results-driven person. Easy steps, quick solutions was the goal, and I believed others would benefit from this idea as well.

4. What do you wish you knew about skincare when you were younger that you know now?
Growing up, I watched my mother never skip a day without applying her skincare products and how she would stay out of the sun. As a teenager and into my early adult years, I would get the occasional breakout and pick at it. Those marks remained on my skin for years to come. In retrospect, if I knew how melanin-rich skin is different, how it requires more attention and unique ingredients to protect it, and how damaging the sun can be to skin, I would have been more cautious. Fortunately, with the Dark Spot Correcting Cream, I’ve eliminated mostly all of those old dark spots on my face (and body) and never miss a day without SPF! A must in everyone’s routine.

(Photo Courtesy of Skinergy Beauty).

5. What are some products from Skinergy Beauty you’d like to highlight?
Skinergy Beauty’s best sellers, the Dark Spot Correcting Cream and Come Correct Serum. These are also (please don’t tell the other products) my favorites! The Dark Spot Correcting Cream – because it was the very first one, made Skinergy Beauty what it is today, and definitely because it is made in my homeland, the Dominican Republic. The Come Correct Serum – is near and dear to my heart because it truly contains everything I’ve wanted in a serum. It balances sebum production, which is perfect for dry, oily, normal, and combination skin. It also corrects hyperpigmentation and evens out discoloration, brightens, and hydrates. The ingredients found in it – from Hyaluronic Acid and Reishi Mushroom to Glycolic Acid and Jojoba – work in unison to bring out your most radiant, luminous complexion. That is what I wanted to achieve with it.

Visit https://skinergybeauty.com/ to order your own products from Skinergy Beauty.


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