911 Holiday Gift Guide: For When You’ve Procrastinated Too Long


You’ve done it again. It’s two weeks before Christmas and you’ve put off shopping. Whether you are shopping for your lady love, your best girlfriend, your mom, your sister or any other makeup maven in your life, it’s Beauty News NYC to the rescue with this nifty gift guide to solve all of your “Oh [email protected]#! I waited too long and time is of the essence” problems and to help you complete your “mission critical” shopping excursion.

So relax, take a deep breath, inhale, exhale and go, go, go!

Dilemma: You got her a gift certificate to the manicure place last year and want to do something new and different.

Solution: Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann created a collection of holiday nail polishes inspired by the vitality of New York City during the holidays. I Love the Nightlife, a “right now” graphite with glitter, will see her through New Year’s eve, while Glamorous Life is a metallic rose gold inspired be a Rolex. It took Lippmann three years to achieve this shade, so the least you can do is gift a friend with this labor-of-love neutral. We love it on our fingers and toes. So will she.

Dilemma: She loves chocolates, but is watching her figure.

Solution: Look no further than Vincent Longo’s Amaretto Collection Velvet Baked Eye Shadows, which are packaged like rich, opulent and decadent chocolates inside a sleek, black box that looks like it should house a pricey bauble! The glittery shadows are baked with diamond sparkles to ensure she has the prettiest eyes in the room. Baked to perfection, yet calorie-free.

Dilemma: She is on the cutting edge of all classic items so you are not sure what she won’t have,

Solution: She’ll appreciate the Guerlain’s Belle de Nuit holiday color collection. May we recommend Meteorites Perles de Nuit? The lacquered, rich blue sphere contains five color smooth pearls that, when blended with a big and fluffy brush, illuminate the skin with a post-orgasmic glow. The color quintet is designed to reflect and capture light. She’ll look lit from within and she’ll plant a big smooch on your cheek when she opens this gift. The night sky is also represented via the Les Ombres de Nuit 4-Colour Palette. Blues, grays and extra-matte black assist in the creation of midnight blue smoky eyes.

Available at fine department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, as well as Sephora.

Dilemma: She’s really particular about her favorite colors and formulas.

Solution: Nab Sephora’s Prestige Brush Collection. Let her choose between cream and powder shadow or blush and black or brown mascara on her own. Give her these tools of the trade and she’ll love you forever.

Dilemma: She already has every MAC Lip Gloss, Lancome eye liner and NARS lipstick there is.

Solution: Introduce her to something fabulously new, with Charlotte Ronson’s Masquerade Collection Set. Ronson is best known as a boho chic designer and she issued her first line of makeup this Fall. The holiday set features a black snakeskin makeup bag, For Your Eyes Only Pamela eye shadow palette boasts a distinctly California color spectrum, thanks to the sky blue and sandy beige, and the cherry red Hedi and deep berry Fabiola mini lipsticks will inspire you to try darker hues. You can always apply, blot and allow them to stain your lips, and then top with clear gloss, which I did since red never, ever looks good on me!

Dilemma: You need something for her stocking and the only “coal” that’ll do would be eye kohl and you’re not going that route.

Solution: Every lady loves lip balm and a cute, inexpensive option is Maybelline‘s newly launched Baby Lips line. It’s an ultra-moisturizing formula that leaves lips kissable, conditioned, supple and with the faintest hint of shine and color. Buy the entire color range for her stocking and she’ll tote one in every handbag, from her Kooba clutch to her Stella McCartney Falabella bag to the pocket of her Calvin Klein pea coat. You can nab a stash at the drugstore, too!

Dilemma: You know next to nada about makeup.

Solution: Take the guesswork out with Rae’s Mistletoe Emergency Kit. The shiny red wristlet features Lip Lust Lipstick, Long Lasting Lipliner and Lucky Lips Lip Gloss. She can plump, shine and smile and the fashionable and functional case is just icing on the cake. Her lips will look perfect – no feathering or bleeding, super moist and va-va-va-voom in hue!

Dilemma: She likes it loud. But you don’t know what’s too loud.

Solution: Smashbox’s Flash smoky eye palette, couple with the Silver and Gold glitter eyeliners, will ensure all eyes on her, without turning the volume so high it deafens. If you catch our drift.

Dilemma: She loves LBDs and shiny lips – and you need to save time and get everything in one fell swoop.

Solution: Shop at Express. She can polish her lips and her look with the Love & Cheers Lip Gloss Trio Iced Sugar, Currant Tonic, and Peppermint Mist. Each offers just enough shine and a light shimmer to pump up her lips with sheen and flavor.

Dilemma: She’s complaining about her pasty wintry pallor and how it’ll detract from the LBD she wants to wear on NYE.

Solution: Grab the limited edition Shimmer Body Powder from Express. She’ll have a shimmery glow across her shoulders, legs, arms, hair and décolleté with one sweep of the built-in brush. Even better, the powder is scented with Love Express, the clothier’s first ever fragrance for women, with notes of Lily of the Valley, Vanilla Musk, and Tiare Blossom.

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