A Midsummer Best Bets Column Addendum


So much makeup, so little time. I discovered a bunch of fun and beautifying stuff that I love and that you need to know about.

Dolce & Gabbana and makeup maven Pat McGrath created the limited edition Lace Collection, which is several takes on nudes.

The packaging is as gorgeous as a lacy blouse, with a lace overlay look to the tubes. And the products? Well divine would be an understatement. The inky black Intenseyes mascara didn’t budge, even on the humid, dog days of July when I wore it daily on my in-need-of-lengthening-and-curling lashes.

The nail lacquers look like the liquid in your coffee cup, with Nude (peachy) and Perfection (chai-like beige) offering up milky, neutral goodness. My nails were crisp and clean all week with these hues, even as I tapped, tapped, tapped away on my Blackberry keyboard. Chip defiance! We love it.

The Perfection lip gloss was thick like liquid lipstick, and the rosy scent was a total turnoff. Sorry, D&G still get high scores from me for their overall range. It was just too perfumey for my taste. Literally.

Hurry, as these won’t be on counter much longer, if at all, so you might need to scour and get ingenious to locate these items. But it’s worth the time and effort.

Another new essential is the Tweezerman Mini Zip File – a retractable, bubblegum pink nail file that looks like a zip drive and hangs from your key ring. It might not seem innovative at first glance, but it is a miracle and I love, love, love it. The self-contained case keeps it free of the grime that accumulates at the bottom of your handbag, rendering it unusable. No crumbs. No eye shadow fall out. No ink from decapped pens. Bless you, Tweezerman designers.

The Pink Folding iLashcomb – see the digital metaphors with Tweezerman?- helps comb lumps out of lashes, separately them so you can bat freely without worrying about smudges or excess gunk on your cheeks. This tool requires a light touch, since you don’t want to make a mess by overdoing it, but it’s handy dandy.

With the Olympic Games in full swing, British brand Burberry has issued gorgeous Lip Mist shades perfect for summer. The formula is light and creamy -not exactly mist-like, but it’s not too heavy on a hot day, either. It stains the lip in ideal, comfy fashion. You can be lovely as an English Rose with Field Rose No. 213. Dab with finger, blot and blow an air kiss with your lovely, rosy lips. The magnetic, gunmetal packaging means not lost caps in the nether regions of your purse. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

Mary Kay is not your mother’s cosmetics brand anymore. The brand has become so modern, and I’m addicted to the Mineral Eye Color in Peacock Blue, Golden Vanilla and Sterling. I wanted ocean-like, beach-like, summery smoky eyes and I got ’em with these rich, immovable and vibrant shadows.

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