A Multitude of Mascara

Listen closely: the importance of mascara is second only to lipstick. In the summertime, all that’s necessary on a perfectly sun-kissed face is a little mascara and lip gloss. Therefore which mascara you choose to coat your lashes with is an important, life-hinging decision. Dedicated to protecting you and your lashes at all costs, BeautyNewsNYC.com gives you a rundown of a few new ones:

Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara for a False Lash Effect:

A false lash effect indeed. I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I expected more of YSL. The mascara looked very clumpy on my lashes and I felt like Tammy Faye Baker after one application. Not my thing. As for color, I liked the subtlety of the #4 Dark Purple. It was hard to differentiate from my usual black except in certain lights. As for the #3 Bright Blue and #6 Navy Blue, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Surprisingly I think the bright blue looked better because it was more effective in darkening my lashes. I can’t explain this scientifically; it’s just what happened.

Estee Lauder MagnaColor Maximum Intensity Mascara:

Easy, marketing people. The one thing this mascara lacks is intensity. It was the most ineffective of the mascaras I tried. The wand was too narrow, too straight. I’m partial to curved wands so as to equally and evenly distribute the mascara in one go. I’m a busy woman! Sure they have lots of colors, but don’t we all mostly use basic black anyhow? So there has to be something special about the mascara to stand apart from the others. This one just didn’t make the cut.

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara:

The “fake lash” look seems to be what a lot of cosmetics giants are striving for these days. This mascara markets itself as unapologetically dramatic. It is created from a special silicone, water-resistant blend for smooth application. “Don’t be afraid to brsh it on both top and bottom lashes,” Bobbi comforts us on the press release. I’m normally not. Should I be? It goes on well, not as clumpy as some of the others I tried, and stays on for a few hours before the flaking starts. Yep, flaking. The one drawback to having huge gorgeous lashes using this formula is that half of it ends up on other parts of your face after several hours of wear.

Shiseido Mascara:

Mascara just got more complicated: the Shiseido Mascara Base is a conditioner to be applied underneath your coat of mascara. It reminded me of Lancome’s lash conditioner, a creamy ivory concoction. The specially manufactured “mix brush” combines regular fibers with hollow fibers to guarantee smooth distribution. This Base supposedly curls the lashes as well. The waterproof Distinguish Mascara contains formulas to moisturize your lashes while highlighting them. It definitely lengthens but I felt like I had just a few very long lashes, instead of a full lash line. I guess if you’re blessed with full but not so lengthy lashes, this is the one for you!

Awake’s Stardom Escalate Lash Mascara:

The Escalate Glide Formula boasts its innovative ingredients such as Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Watercress extracts to give the lashes a glossy finish…and lives up to the hype. The Escalate Brush is curved (A+!) with a thin end to assist the application to those tiny little lashes in the corner of your eye. This is a great concept because that can be a troublesome little area when putting on mascara. Post application the lashes look…well…wet. Super black with the slightest bit of “just applied” gloss. Now we’re talkin!

MAC Fibre Rich Lash:

Claiming nylon fibres that attach themselves to your lashes as you apply this mascara, MAC claims this will make your lashes extremely full. Sounds fun, but beware that this tends to make for clumpy lashes. Even the initial ad campaign with Liza Minelli close up with garrish eyeshadow and VERY clumpy lashes. Does anyone actually strive for this look? MAC people…what were you thinking?

Then there is the home run. Dior’s Maximeyes Mascara:

It goes on creamy, it doesnt flake. It left me with full and long lashes that curled upward. This mascara produced results in no time. I loved the chubby full brush that tapered to a point, it coated the lashes very well, no matter how small. It dried quickly, and didn’t leave my lashes feeling brittle afterwards. That’s what I call a home run.

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