An Endless Journey to Exotic Color Destinations


Growing up in Australia and having such incredible natural resources at my fingertips, it occurred to me that I wanted to capture that experience as much as possible and deliver it to women all around the world. My objective is to bring a unique, healthy living approach to beauty and skin care that doesn’t exist any where else. I am influenced foremost by an appreciation of the environment from my upbringing. Additionally, my passion for makeup artistry and commitment as a formulator (I spent several years working for a prestigious top Japanese beauty lab), as well as my sensitivity as a woman that wears makeup, fuels my accountability in creating exquisite products. I take inspiration from the earth’s natural surroundings and I’ve always viewed beauty as an adventure with endless destinations. As an avid traveler, I’m constantly moved by the incredible, awe-inspiring colors, textures and light of the various regions of the world. Whether on African safari, at home in my native Australia, or on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, I try to interpret and weave these influences throughout my color and treatment collections in a relevant and beneficial way.

My profound inspiration by the earth’s most remarkable and natural surroundings is very much reflective in the introduction of my Fall 2008 color collection, Sea Spray. Created to mimic the rich, deep hues of the Great Barrier Reef, this eight piece collection embraces vibrant, vital color in exotic deep ocean tones for a truly captivating and revitalizing effect.

The Sea Spray collection is infused with my signature Microquatic™ technology and introduces “Hydrating Minerals”, which utilize the hydrating and refreshing properties of the sea, encapsulated in a time-released delivery system that increases skin’s moisture and vitality. This advanced Microquatic technology ensures that each color application is also a nourishing and nurturing treatment for the skin.

The term Microquatic™ is derived from a combination of “micro emulsion technology” and “aquatic, relating to hydration”. It made perfect sense to fold in the nurturing effects of active marine properties, such as the deeply enriching hydrating qualities of seaweed and sea butter, with botanical derivatives like orchid extract. This formulation delivers a soothing experience to the woman who appreciates luxury and effective functionality.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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