AppleDoll’s Nectar Salve

Every makeup bag needs a hero product — you know, one item that does it all. Well, AppleDoll’s Nectar Salve is that very product for this indie brand. The clear, mega rich balm will remind of the cult classic Smith’s Rosebud Salve… without the fresh rosy scent! The unscented balm is designed for EVERYWHERE and EVERY DAY usage. You can swipe on lips for a subtle, dewy shine. You can use on cheeks to add a little glow. Dry, cracked, and crumbly cuticles? Ok, sure, use a swipe or two of the Nectar Salve on those, too. The brand even suggests dabbing on eyelids. Personally, I like to use it to comb any errant eyebrow hairs and tame them into submission. But my MOST fave way to utilize this multi-tasker? As a lip balm and a lip mask. I layer a few coats after I brush my teeth and let it soak in while I sleep. I also dab it on my lips during the day. It’s light yet supremely hydrating. I am so glad this brand and its wares landed on my desk!


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