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In the Middle Ages, knights suited up in armor to protect themselves when galloping into battle. In 2010, the only armor ladies need is Armour Beauty, a lip gloss only (for now) line launched by model/rock chick/new mom Theo Kogan, who has modeled for Calvin Klein, Burberry and Kenneth Cole, to face the day.

Kogan, former lead singer of NYC punk band The Lunachicks, launched this line of high-performance, paraben-and-cruelty-free glosses to fill a specific need. She wanted lip products with staying power and that outlasted a high-energy, on-stage performance! Her glosses have a lipstick-like longevity without scrimping on shine quotient. It’s no wonder fashionistas and red carpet regulars like Eva Mendes, Elizabeth Banks, Lady Gaga, Fergie and Rachel Zoe are fans.

Armour Beauty boasts opaque and shimmer glosses inspired by music. As a gloss fiend and a music writer/publicist, Armour is my perfect match. But you don’t need to share these interests to rock Armour glosses on your pout. I am thoroughly impressed by the quality and chicness of this line, which retains a rock ‘n roll edge. I slick the pale pink Nirvana gloss on my lips throughout the day because the shine is unstoppable and the vanilla grapefruit scent is beyond pleasant; it borders on addictive. Armour glosses are a bit thicker than most, which adds to their longevity.

BeautyNewsNYC nabbed some time with the Brooklyn-based Kogan about what’s new and exciting with her line. BN was there in the early stages and profiled the line in November 2008 when Kogan was just getting started so we figured now was a good a time as any to catch up with the progression and evolution of Armour Beauty.

BN: We featured your glosses as a “Best Bet” in 2008 when you first launched your line – catch us up with what is going on with Armour Beauty?
TK: AB is launching three new colors right now that are super vivid and dense in pigment: Hello, a super bright bubble gum pink; Candy an exquisite lavender; and Ann-Margaret, a creamy coral.

BN: You just had a baby – congrats! How are you balancing being a mom and a makeup maven?
TK: Thank you! It’s quite a challenge. Truth be told I have an amazing assistant. I couldn’t do it otherwise.

BN: Will you expand ARMOUR BEAUTY into other products or are you just sticking to glosses?
TK: I plan to stick with glosses for a while longer and then I will add more lip products and eventually go to eyes when I feel l have conquered lips. I have fantasies of doing body products and candles as well, because I love them so much.

BN: Why did you choose to focus on glosses? TK: Personally, I am a gloss addict. I cannot be seen without black eyeliner and shiny pink or golden gloss on my lips! What made you choose to go into gloss?

I live for lip gloss and it’s such a great place to begin with a line, as we both know it is many women’s number one, or in some cases, only cosmetic product. Many of my friends who don’t wear any other makeup wear lip gloss. That says it all. Plus there aren’t any glosses out there I love as much as Armour.

BN: Are you still making music?
TK: Yes, I always will. I have been making up a lot of funny songs for the baby too, I must say. Me, Sean Pierce, who is my husband, and Jemma Nelson of Big Art Group have an album that came out this year of music from a show called The Sleep we did with Big Art Group, available here.

The CD title is The Sleep and my face is on the cover.

BN: As a makeup artist, what is your basic philosophy?
TK: Beauty and creativity: work with the best features of the face and make the person shine like a rock star.

BN: Any winter tips you’d like to share with our readers?
TK: Hydrate! The dry heat like we have in our NY apartments and homes can be… so drying, as well as cold weather. Make sure your skin stays moist — whatever it takes and whatever works best for your skin. A rich hand cream and face cream, that won’t clog pores of course, is the bomb in the winter. I use night cream as a day cream at times.


BN: What makes your glosses special, in your opinion?
TK: The shades range from lightest pink shimmer all the way to opaque black; the moisturizing formula, which includes shea butter, olive, mango and avocado oils and butters, grape seed oil and vitamin E and the staying power. It stays on, onstage or off!

BN: One product you can’t live without?
TK: Armour lip gloss of course and lip balm. I am an addict.

BN: One product you wish you had created?
TK: When I figure that out, I promise I will create it.

One product ALL women should have in their makeup bags?
Two: a mirror and a nail file. Being stuck with a snagged nail sucks. And you should always be able to check your teeth for food remnants.

BN: What can we expect from AB in 2011?
TK: More new colors coming in the New Year!

BN: Anything else you’d like to say, please feel free to say it now.
TK: Go with your own instincts. You don’t have to go with the trends when it comes to makeup and fashion. Take some risks. Do what is right for your own looks and body. And if you don’t know what that is, ask a friend or an expert.

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