Be Good Weird

Do you enjoy having fun without worrying about your skin or complexion? Feeling fresh and free. Looking and feeling your best no matter the time. Putting out the best version of yourself into the world. Well, then that means you’re weird: Good Weird.

Good Weird is a new genderless skincare and cosmetics brand meant for everyone to showcase their best face forward.

Trying new products can be intimidating and a little nerve-wracking. I get it. With a combination skin type, products either dry me out or make my face super oily and break me out. So when I received Good Weirds products, I was nervous yet intrigued. There are three main products, a bronzer, a moisturizer stick, and an under-eye serum.

With the sun finally coming through, we’re all looking for a natural tan glow, but that’s not always the case. Instead, the sun can leave you with an uneven tan or a mild sunburn. The bronzer provides a nice light sheer tint that moisturizes the skin with its glycerin, cocoa seed extract, and sunflower extract. It will help even the skin or give you the natural-looking tan you desire without the redness left by the sun. But don’t worry! There are multiple shades to pick from to match your skin tone.

One of my favorites was the moisturizer sticks. That comes in three color choices; clear coconut, mango (a warm terracotta), and guava (a dusty rose). With the coconut, I gave my T-zone a little extra love. It reduces inflammation, wrinkles, and pores. And after a face wash that dries you out, a little extra moisture goes a long way—the mango and guava I used to give myself light rosy dewy cheeks. Depending on how much pigment you want, a little slide on the cheeks can go a long way. They also can be used for your lips. It contains shea butter, so it’ll keep your lips chapped-free and give a beautiful shine and color without having to worry about having to reapply.

Then there is the under-eye serum. The cold brew undereye. After cleansing, you need to rejuvenate the skin and definitely after a long night out. Wanting to conceal dark circles and reduce them, the serum brightens the skin and encourages collagen production. The applicator is easy to use, just press and slide it under your eye. It’s light and cool and takes quickly into the skin.

With Good Weird, you don’t have to worry whether you are using each product correctly. They all have multi-purposes that’ll allow you to express your creative side while keeping your skin happy and healthy. So don’t be afraid to be weird!

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