BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: beautyblender Summer.Fling Edition


The hot pink, egg-shaped, and super squishy beautyblender sponge is a staple and a gold standard, which actually comes in all sorts of colors, including my beloved black. These edgeless sponges perfectly blend and buff cream products, like foundation and concealer and blush. They also perform best when damp. The Summer.Fling edition of beautyblenders is here and the signature hot pink sponge is accompanied by a neon green — think college textbook highlighter— called “Glow,” and “Pop,” which is a sunny orange. They will brighten your morning with a pop of color as you go about your routine. They will also brighten your face, since you will likely be using beautyblenders while nice and moist and applying highlighting or contouring products to various points on your face. This is the only kit you need for a flawless, airbrushed-look.

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It’s quiet expensive but worth to try!


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