BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick In Chai and Honeycomb

Bite Beauty lipsticks are perfection in a tube, from the creamy, no-tug formula to the mega moist feel, which comes courtesy of 12 nourishing oils in the ingredients, to the array of colors. The Amuse Bouche series comes in a matte gray tubes and gorg colors. Two shades — the brickish Honeycomb and the pink x nude Chai — are the kind of colors that look good on all skintones. These lippies are crafted in small batches, so they are extra special. They literally glide across my lips like a balm, but impart all the color of a super pigmented lipstick. The texture is so comfortable and light that it feels like I am wearing ChapStick. Matte formulas usually dry me out or cause me to wipe off, moisturize, and re-apply. The Amuse Bouche lippies aren’t matte and they are hardly high maintenance. However, you can mattify them and get that blotted look. If you need a go-to nude, you’ve got it with Chai. If you don’t do reds or are bored with other choices on the market, go with the semi wine-hued Honeycomb.

Here’s what I do to achieve that look…

I apply and blot with my pointer finger, tapping and pressing the color into my lips, or I kiss a sheet of paper. Then, I apply another layer or two in the middle of my lip, and BOOM! I’ve got that “lived in” lip look. The key here is that you need to apply, blot, and diffuse, then add more on the perimeter, blotting out the slightly darker concentration. You can also apply a different lighter shade in the center after blotting, for a more intense blotted and lived in look. You can repeatedly blot and blend to increase the lived in-ness.

Bonus Tip: Grab one of the brand’s shea butter-infused lip liners if you would rather create a precise, perfect pout, as opposed to the blotted, “just kissed” or “lived in” look.

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