BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: INC.redible Glazin Over Gloss

The team at Nails INC. has launched a full line of lip products in 54 colors across a variety of formulas, which means there is something for every makeup style, preference, and skin tone. The range is a total win for inclusivity in beauty. My personal favorite is the INC.credible Glazin Over Gloss range, which offers lip hugging yet non-sticky shine, in addition to pigment. It’s a hydrating glaze that will drench lips in moisture and keep them kissable, as well as kissed with color. But there are plenty of other choices. The Matte My Day lipsticks are wearable, non-drying mattes, while the Lip Trippin Iridescent Lip Strobes dose the pout with the perfect amount of holographic-like color in a light and creamy formula. The Busy Unicorning shade is super pink, super mod, and super fun. Plus, it’s on trend AF, since unicorns were a big beauty trend in 2017 that doesn’t appear to be galloping off into the sunset. You can layer to build coverage and shimmery sheen. The Pushing Everyday Semi-Matte Lip Clicks are slim, pocket-ready lip pens with plenty of pigment and a matte effect.