Lip liner has made a comeback in the past two years, thanks to the dominance of perfectly painted, mega matte, and very velvet-look mouths. Thanks, Kylie Jenner. In order to rock a full and defined pout, you have no choice but to use lip liner to keep the lipstick looking clean and pretty. You can totally use NARS Precision Lip Liners for the purpose for which they were intended. They can serve as a base for which your lipstick or gloss to adhere. They can act as a guide to trace your lips and add some fullness and definition to your pucker.

Or you can trace your natural lip line, fill in the surface of your lips and saturate them with color, blot that pout, and go. The liners are pigmented enough to serve as your actual lipstick. It’ll give you that matte lip look but the blotting, with either your finger or a tissue, will leave you with a lived in, sexy, and romantic mouth. Try it! I am all for subbing lipstick with liner when the formula is ace.

The NARS Precision formula is ace AF. The color spectrum is wide and varied, too, ranging from pinks to tan roses to chestnuts to dusty mauves to siren reds to eggplants.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

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