BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Runway Rogue Pearl Glam Metallic Lip Paint

It’s like nail polish… but for your lips! Runway Rogue’s Pearl Glam Metallic Lip Paints are ’90s-inspired lippies with a chrome-like finish. They are exactly what their name announces them to be. Created by model Patricia Hartmann, Pearl Glam is a long-wearing, non-drying formula that stays all day. You will walk into a room with “look at me!” lips. They shimmer and smell delish, like a vanilla caramel. If you are bored with the cakey and crusty mega mattes or can’t deal with sticky lip gloss, then you will find Pearl Glam to be a gorgeous compromise. You get the pop of pigment and the depth of texture with one swipe of the wand, along with loads of shimmer and shine. You can actually usually the wand to trace and then fill in the surface of the lip.

These lippies are packaged in silver tubes with windows on the side that reveal the color. The range boasts six shades — Soft Box (pale nude with silver and gold shimmer); Go-See (pale pink with rose and gold shimmer); Callback (bronzer with silver and gold shimmer); Day Rate (red with gold shimmer); On Set (coral red with gold shimmer); and Comp Card (purple with pink and gold shimmer). With holiday parties on the horizon, you will want to slick your pucker with these paints.

My tip? Wear these with a muted or “no makeup” makeup look. You don’t want your lips to compete with tons of highlighter or dewy bronzer or frosty eyeshadows. Keep the rest of your look matte and low impact, so your lips can stand out the most.