BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Sara Happ The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Your lips need to be in tip-top, kissable shape, especially if you are celebrating with your significant other. If you prefer to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your besties, there is still no reason to have anything other than soft, shiny, and supple lips. This winter has been brutal and your pucker has likely taken a beating from the wind, the chill, and the dry air. You can restore total hydration with Sara Happ The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm. It’s flawless. It’s the perfect, pale pink and it imparts maximum moisture and megawatt shine. Your lips will look luscious and turn heads.

It’s a pot package, so be sure and spritz your digits with an anti-bac spray before dipping and dabbing, or use a fresh cotton swab. Pamper your lips a little further by prepping your pucker with the brand’s delish Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. It smells and tastes like a sweet and gritty treat. It also removes all flakes and eliminates pesky dry patches for a fully conditioned mouth. The Lip Slip is this beauty editor’s Holy Grail. If for some terrifying reason I could only have one product in my medicine cabinet or pocket, The Lip Slip would be it. Secret Tip: If you scoop a little too much out of the jar, you can just rub the excess on cuticles for further hydration. Lips aren’t the only body part battered by this weather.

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