Beauty Best Bet: GrandePOUT Lip Plumping Mask

Lip masks are like lip balms with a shot of gloss. They hydrate. They condition. Actually, they drench lips in nourishing moisture. They add shine and sheen and can be worn with or without a full face of makeup. They can be paired with your nightly moisturizer or serve as your lip product for the day. So, what makes Grande Cosmetics POUT Plumping Lip Mask a makeup bag essential? Well, a couple of coats gives lips such a shiny and sexy boost and adds the faintest hint of angelic pink color? But the formula, which melts into lips and is never sticky or clingy, boasts Volulip, which helps enhance collagen, and DuraQuench, which locks in moisture. It’s also said to help reduce lines and wrinkles while enhancing that pillow-y lip look. POUT also has a faint tingling sensation and a slight but sweet berry mojito scent. It’s like a cocktail for your lips with no chance of a hangover. You can apply by dipping your finger in the jar or use the tiny enclosed spatula to evenly coat lips before you settle in for a solid 8 hours of restorative sleep. You will wake up with mega moist lips. Re-apply twice throughout the day and you’ll maximize the moisture.


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