Beauty Best Bet: Herbivore Cloud Jelly

Herbivore is a plant-based skin care brand and its new Cloud Jelly is a millennial pink miracle. It’s a non-sticky serum that can be used as or with moisturizer, but also as a makeup base. That’s how I have been using it as the weather gets warmer and I don’t want to wear a heavy moisturizer or face oil, and prefer to dab a light serum or lotion on my face and nothing else. You can forego a primer and foundation and use this light and airy cream as your glowy, natural base. You can of course add foundation, concealer, or powder over top. But it imparts such a silky glow — why bother! Cloud Jelly is also formulated with Tremella mushroom, a natural hyaluronic acid alternative. You will be left with smooth, plump, and super soft skin.


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