Beauty Best Bet: HIDE Premium Foundation

HIDE‘s concealers cover everything. Blemishes? Yep. Zits? Uh-huh. Spots? Totally. Under eye discoloration? For sure. Uneven tone? Oh, hell yeah. Tattoos? They disappear under a layer or two. How about HIDE Premium Foundation? This rich and creamy formula, er, hides any imperfections without suffocating your skin. Coverage can be adjusted to your preference — medium to full. But it never makes you feel like you are wearing a caked-on mask of product. It looks like your skin, but better. I don’t usually wear liquid foundation, but I use this, paired with the concealer, to cover a tattoo that I once loved but hasn’t aged well at all. HIDE makes it disappear. You may be seeing tons of HIDE hype on your Instagram feed. Believe it. It’s not hype. It’s real AF.


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