Beauty Best Bet: Kypris Lip Elixir Balm

Kypris Lip Elixir Balm sounds like it’s medicinal, but it’s authentic luxury for your lips. It’s basically the Maybach of lip masks. With its ingredient list of Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Fennel Stem Cells and Peptides, Indian Jasmine and French Violet, and shea and cocoa butters, you get rejuvenation, plumping, fruit-forward aromatherapy benefits, and buttery emollience in a single jar. It’s colorless and doesn’t have much of an aroma. It’s more lip care than lip look, and it feels so moist and supple. Keep a pot on your nightstand and slather it on before you go to bed. You will wake up with a lipstick-ready pout. You can also rock it when you want shine without color.


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