Beauty Best Bet: Lawless Beauty Conseal the Deal Full Coverage Concealer

Clean and high-performance? Really? Can those two things exist in a makeup product like concealer? Oh, hell yeah. Lawless Beauty’s Conseal the Deal Full Coverage Concealer is lightweight yet long-wearing. It provides medium-to-full coverage yet it doesn’t feel heavy or sit on the skin, like “Look at me! Look at you trying to cover up that blemish/scar/uneven skin tone!” The soft focus and blendable formula looks like — wait for it! — your skin. The brand also offers an applicator brush with a fingertip shape so you can apply without getting product under your fingernails or if you just prefer a tool rather than your own hand. The synthetic hairs are densely packed and designed to blend, buff, diffuse, and feather the concealer. I Consealed the Deal after having a sebaceous hyperplasia removed from my high right cheek near my hairline and the post-scrape discoloration was undetectable. That’s all the proof you need of its efficacy.

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