Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Caliray Freedreaming Skin Wellness Diffusing Tint

ICYMI, Caliray is the new beauty brand launched by Urban Decay’s absolutely brilliant founder Wende Zomnir. It’s the absolute antithesis of Urban Decay’s edgy, punk rock, and Gotham City street glam — in the best way! Caliray is decidedly West Coast, with an easy, breezy vibe that’s inspired by the sunny rays that define the California climate. Caliray’s initial offerings are minimalist but high-functioning, where a lil’ goes a long, long way. The caliray freedreaming skin wellness diffusing tint is just fancy verbiage for clean, tinted moisturizer that allows skin to breathe. It’s so light… it’s like wearing nothing at all. You’ll not only master the “no makeup” makeup look but you’ll FEEL like you’re not wearing any makeup. The moisturizing texture is more like a beauty fluid than a foundation, since it’s not thick or cakey, and was designed to go on sheer, so you aren’t masking or hiding your skin. You’re just leveling up. I found it was best to mix two shades to match my skin tone. Don’t balk at possibly needing to purchase two shades! Since you only need two drops of product, which can be applied with your fingers or a moist beautyblender, a tube or two will last for several months. Whether you are taking a long trip down the sun-splashed Pacific Coast Highway or are traversing snow-covered roads in the Midwest, you can rock this fluid and feel totally free. You can even apply a touchup without wasting time looking in a mirror. It’s completely user-friendly.


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