BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Clarins Water Lip Stain

Every beauty publication talks about lip stains that give you a “just ate a strawberry” or “just demolished a cherry popsicle” cast. Well, that’s exacty what the Clarins Water Lip Stains do. These light lippies, which come in vials with brush applicators, are sheer and juicy. They are comfy on the lips — it’s like you are wearing nothing, but with all the full benefits of color and glam.

You can apply them quickly and dab with a finger. You’re not going for an immaculate, perfect look here. It’s a matter of adding some color to your face. If you want to go with a totally bare face, you can add a slick or two of these yummy lippies. They add just enough pigment and the right “pop” of color to brighten your whole face. They come in juicy, fruity shades like Rose Water and Violet Water. Scoop up every shade and tote them around through the summer.

Kissable lips are yours for the taking.

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