Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Espressoh! Blush by the Glass

CBD has had its moment — many of them, actually — as the ingredient du jour in beauty products. Could it be usurped by good ol’ caffeine? Perhaps! European brand Espresshoh certainly mimics that of the Internet-adored brand Glossier with its millennial pink packaging and minimal products. The one that’s most worth the shipping costs? The Espressoh Glassy Blush by the Glass. It’s a circular pot of tinted magic. A small dab imparts a mirror-like yet natural, “I just came in from a brisk walk” flush to cheeks. The product is designed to react to the pH of your skin so the intensity and color will vary. It’s truly a custom, DNA-distinct blush “shade” that suits every and anyone. And yes, there is caffeine in the formula, which is said to boost and hydrate skin. To be honest, I didn’t notice anything other than a moisturizer-like sheen. When I swipe a drop on the high points of my cheeks, I am left with the faintest pink flush.


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