UK-based brand Eyeko is one of the best there is. From its bespoke mascara bar at Saks to its Alexa Chung-created eyeliner pen, Eyeko is all about the eyes. The new Eyeko Eye Boost Serum is the coolest and most effective gadget x product hybrid to land on my desk this year. It vibrates and hydrates. You push the button and the tip vibrates slightly. It’s never too fast or overpowering. You squeeze the tube in order to apply the eye serum while the applicator pulsates. It massages the skin while dabbing product. The serum is indeed turbo-charged — it boasts caffeine, Vitamin B, Hyraluronic Acid, and more to wake up the tired skin under eyes and to de-puff. The vibration stimulates and tingles, too. It’s like a gentle eye massage treatment that can either start or end your day. The pulsating is light but you should still proceed with caution when using it since your eyes are delicate and important, and the skin around your eyes is super fragile. But this is another way in which to pamper and care for that region, since it can show signs of aging so early.

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