Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Freck Beauty Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighter

You have to hand it to Freck Beauty‘s marketing and social media teams for the ASMR way they promote the brand’s Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighters. Photos of the product oozing from the tip of the teardrop-shaped bottle are the ultimate satisfactory imaging. It just looks like something you want to bathe in! It may be called “slime” but it kisses skin with the sweetest and shimmeriest glow!. The formula is packed with HD pearls that add a super luminous sheen to skin. You can apply over bare skin or on top of your favorite liquid foundation or moisturizer for that extra dose of glow. This is another product that begs to be used for Halloween makeup looks, since you can go big and apply tons to your face and body. You will be able to communicate with satellites if you choose, thanks to this effective and gorgeous product.


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