BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Laura Geller Dew Dreamer Illuminating Drops

Liquid highlighters have been such a trend lately. You add a few drops to your favorite tinted moisturizer, to your foundation, your lotion, or your bare face, and proceed to blend for the dewiest of glow. Well, the best I’ve come across are Laura Geller’s Dew Dreamers. They look like melted metal in the jar, but you won’t look radioactive when you dab on your face. They blend beautifully and just a drop or two give you all the glow you could ever want or need. It’s a kiss of shimmer. I apply it right on my cheekbones and along the side of my nose and it adds a natural highlight.

The drops come in four shade choices, which will illuminate any skin tone. The hushed pink Ballerina adds the softest, sweets halo of pink to cheeks and face. If you are a makeup vet, you can use it to strobe and sculpt your features. Or you can use it to add a little light. I don’t get fancy with it because it does all the work for you by simply applying it.

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