Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Miss Swiss Marshmallow Sponge 4-Piece Set

Marshmallows are so yummy and squishy and awesome. They are the ultimate in ASMR. It’s no wonder the sweet treat inspired an even sweeter makeup tool. MISS SWISS Marshmallow Sponge Set features four, latex-free, adorably pudgy makeup blenders that are designed for easy application of your favorite liquid or cream products. They are not edible, but they do mimic all of the hallmarks of the confection after which they are named. The egg-shaped blender expands to twice its size when wet, so it absorbs less product, leading to less waste, all the while helping you add a dewy glow to your skin. You can use the sponges dry when you opt for full coverage foundation. If you are in the market for a new blender, don’t watch tons of YouTube videos or TikTok clips on how to creatively clean or sanitize them. Simply toss your old one and start the season with a fresh, clean, and new applicator. The millennial pink hue makes Miss Swiss totally ‘Grammable, as well. Yes, we also noticed the brand and product name, which conjure up images of your favorite supermarket Hot Chocolate brand. That’s Swiss Miss, but still! It’s a sweet association!


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