Repeat after me. NARS can do no wrong. Like MAC, its fellow black-packaged, high quality brand, NARS can be trusted implicitly to deliver quality makeup from top to bottom. NARS’ Orgasm — a universal, peachy pink shade that looks good on all skin tones and that has been translated into multiple products, from powder blush to liquid blush to lipstick to lip gloss and more — is a modern cult classic. The Summer 2018 NARS Orgasm Collection features the beloved hue available in three sumptuous products and textures. There’s the Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder, which can be swept across the cheeks, the face, the forehead, the shoulders, or the decolletage for a rose gold glow. Wear it any and everywhere you want some highlighting and shimmer. The Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm will keep that pout hydrated, healthy, and slicked with a pink tint all summer long. It will look amazing when paired with glowing, safely sun-kissed skin.

Of course there is a blush. This year’s iteration is oversized and limited edition; it’s stamped with the brand’s name in the pan, reminding you over the power and artistry of NARS. Ultimately, NARS Orgasm is the brand’s take on millennial pink. Your lips, cheeks, and other sundry body parts will thank you.

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