Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Neen Subscription Card

Stila founder and celeb makeup artist Jeanine Lobell disrupted the beauty industry in the 1990s with her brand, which offered its gorj products in paper packaging before anyone else was doing it. She sold Stila many moons ago but she’s back with Neen — the first-ever makeup subscription card. WTF is that? Let us explain. Sign up, download the Neen app, or go to the website, and you’ll receive a new card with five swatches/looks every month. Each card will feature swatches and looks to experiment and play with. It’s minimal packaging and a minimum commitment. Talk about sustainable! But even better, the curated cards feature high-performance and consciously created formulas. You peel off the backing to expose and use the product — just like all those sample cards you get from Sephora! It’s pretty simple. If you LOVE the product you try, you can order it in a full-sized, refillable compact on the app or the site, which also features tutorials and other inspo. The concept is pretty brilliant and good for the earth. And it comes from the beautiful brain of Loebell, so there’s no way it can’t be awesome. I played with a swatch card and it felt like trying a sample before deciding to commit to a purchase. It will take a minute or 10 to get used to doing things this way, but it’s worth it. Subs run from month-to-month or a year.


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