BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: PUR Pillow Silicone Brushes are Perfect for Liquid Makeup

Some cream makeup products, like foundations or blushes, are smooth like butter. Well, these PUR Pillow Silicone Brushes are soft like the fluffiest guest room pillows. Seriously. Instead of hundreds of synthetic or real hairs, the applicator heads are millennial pink, squishy pads. They glide softly across skin and apply cream and liquid — basically, wet!— facial products like a dream. This collection doesn’t concern itself with powders or eyeshadows and therefore eliminates any guess work. It was specifically designed for applying contours, creams, and liquids. They are essentially SiliSponges with handles, allowing for more control and better precision. The set also eliminates product waste, since these brushes don’t have spongy pores with which product can seep into, as is the case with other makeup blenders. You can easily apply creams and liquids in circular fashion with these beautiful brushes, which are like angel kisses on your cheeks.

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