Beauty Best Bet: Queen of Cups Lip Lightning

Long-wearing, velvet-looking, mega matte lips, courtesy of just-applied liquid lipstick, is such a lewk, right? You know what’s not a lewk? Crusty, cakey, dried, fading, long-wearing, velvet-looking, and mega-matte lip formulas hours later! Yes, they last through beverages, air kisses, and talking during a Zoom meeting. But hours after applying your lipstick, your lips aren’t as fresh and awesome as they were first thing in the AM. Facts are facts. It’s totally okay to want to wipe away your morning lipstick, clean your lips, freshen them up, remove any residue, and apply a brand spanking new coat. That’s where Queen of Cups Lip Lightning Essential Lip Hygiene wipes come in. These aren’t merely moistening wipes or baby wipes for your lips! They are shaped like lips, so there is less waste. They are also biodegradable, compostable, and easy to use. The light berry scent is also delightful. You can change lip colors and formulas as much as you want. You can reapply lipstick as many times as you wish. These wipes will assist with the task, as they nourish, clean, and hydrate your pucker. My lips were incredibly soft and supple after a swipe.


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