Beauty Best Bet: R2R All-in-One Velvet Paint

Multi-tasking will never go out of style. Who only does one thing? NO ONE… EVER! Multi-tasking is especially awesome when it comes to makeup products. You get more value for your hard-earned dollar, awaken your own creativity, and are doing your part for the environment with less waste and less piles of stuff you never use anymore sinking to the abyss of your makeup bag. R2R Cosmetics All-in-One Velvet Paint is one such product. You can do more with less, carry less, and purchase less. Packaged in circular discs, the vegan Velvet Paint can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip color, blush, highlighter, bronzer, brow pomade, contour, and beyond. Say hello to your new favorite travel makeup, for real! You really can do whatever you want with this creamy, easy blend formula. It’s buildable, so you can layer on multiple coats or smudge and sheer the you-know-what out of it. It is designed to work with other products or on its own with bare skin. If you don’t want a matte finish on all your features, don’t fret. You can blend Velvet Paint with the brand’s Essential Enhancer to look a little satiny, balmy, and glossy. You can combine colors for a custom shade as unique as your DNA. You can, will, and should play with this Paint for hours. You can be minimalist and use your fingers to just swipe some color onto your lid. Or you can use the Essential Enhancer to make your visage all sorts of dewy and gorge with brushes and other tools!


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