Beauty Best Bet: REFY Cream Blush in Rose

You know that cult fave British brand we told you about last week called REFY? Here’s another product that’s simple, minimalist, and awesome. The Cream Blush is super creamy, blends beautifully, and imparts the most beautiful flush. Blush can be tricky. If you wear too much or don’t blend well, it looks like… you are wearing blush. But if you blend so it melts into skin, you will simply look like you just bumped into your secret crush and they smiled at you and asked you to hang out on Friday night. The Rose shade is super bright and concentrated in the pan. But once buffed and pressed into skin, you will legit have a rosy glow. Add some jet black mascara and a clear lip balm and you’ll master that “no makeup” makeup look.


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