Beauty Best Bet: Rituel de Fille The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner

Full disclosure: I am never NOT on a quest for the blackest black eyeliner ever created. I have found many that I love and cannot live without. But that doesn’t stop me from continuing my search for more. I am a glutton for black eyeliner, I guess. I think that I may have found the blackest of the black in the form of Rituel de Fille’s The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner. This pot of super matte, super inky, and super jet black eyeliner is just stunning. It can be smudged on the lids and along the lashline for the messiest, smokiest, and most lived-in eyes you’ve ever rocked. It can also be used with a fine brush to create the most excellent cat eye flick and/or eyeliner wing. The mystical and magical brand really has crafted the sootiest formula I’ve ever used. So far…


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