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You know how there is always one or two pans of shadow in a pre-filled palette that you never, ever use for whatever reason? You can eliminate that waste of both product and of space with Doucce’s Freematic Eyeshadow palette system. You can select from 92 shades in both shimmer and matte textures; there are 25 mattes, so you get depth, dimension, and innumerable customizable looks. The shadow pans fit into totable, magnetized compacts. You can take your time and choose colors you know you will use, unless, of course, you opt for a Doucce-curated palette. Or if you are a makeup rebel picking the hues on a whim and one of your color choices ends up being “meh” on your lids, you can replace it with another, since the palette is magnetized and compartmentalized and therefore malleable. #Brilliant. Regardless of actual shades, the shimmer textures of these babies is beyond lit. Get that sheen and that glow!


The matte lip texture is the biggest trend of 2016. The nude or “no makeup” look is another huge trend. Neither show any signs of going bye-bye in 2017. So why not start 2017 with NUDESTIX, which makes easy-to-use makeup crayons for eyes, lips, and cheeks? The brand’s Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencil is my new hero product. It comes packaged in an oval matte black tin, which I have repurposed for storage of tiny stuff I want to keep on the hush hush. The pencil also comes with an accompanying sharpener and is thicker than a typical lipliner, but it’s not quite a chubby. You can trace and fill lips with long-lasting, velvety color that doesn’t dry out lips or require multiple re-apps. Move over, Kylie Lip Kits. The super creamy and intensely matte formula doesn’t tug or pull.


Blogger Depechegurl has launched her second collection of Matte Lip Veils under her Cryptic Cosmetics banner. The Till Death Do Us Part collection features lippies named after songs and falls along “wine and roses” in the color spectrum. These goth-inspired lippies stay all day, don’t dry out your pout, and have a vanilla cupcake scent. Plus, you can trace the outline of your lips with the tip of the wand, which is critical, since a mega matte mouth requires precise application. These are “must get.”


Not. Gonna. Lie. Oval makeup brushes take a minute to get used to, especially when you are comfortable and familiar with the usual flat head brushes. But there are two insanely affordable brands making easy-to-grip and fun-to-use oval wands. BrushCraft sets have matte black handles, which I find so chic, curved heads, and densely packed, super soft bristles. They only way you will be able to make the most out of these brushes is by incorporating them into your daily routine and through trial and error. I started small with the foundation brushes and worked my way up to the shadow brushes. Since the heads are tinier and you are working with a smaller area, it takes a little finesse. But you’ll be a pro in no time!

Makeup Revolution USA‘s Precision Eye and Precision Contour brushes are cheap and chic with rose gold handles and densely packed heads. I use the full and fluffy brush to get evenly applied powder foundation. I am still getting used to using them for eyeshadow. But I love the brush heads and the application precision of the contour set. I don’t use it to contour but that’s what makes it artistry.


To quote Charlotte Tilbury, her Mini Miracle Eye Wand Dynamic Duo Lift & Light Reflector was created “Because the whole world is tired”. So no matter how many oh so late nights you enjoy, or endure this season, you don’t have to look like a train wreck the day after. Created in 5 shades, the two-sided magic wand will have you looking alive and ready for the next event in just two clicks. Click 1 is a hydrating eye cream chock full of good stuff like hyaluronic acid, rice proteins and other ingredients that nourish delicate under-eye skin. Click 2 is a lightweight light reflector that’s jam packed with micro particles which will brighten up dark shadows and conceal discoloration under those peepers. You’ll be ready for the next pahr-tay in 2 clicks of a wand. You can sleep in January.

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