BEAUTY BEST BETS OF THE DAY: Creamy Lips and a Matte Face

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream are Super Pigmented and less than 5 bucks!

It’s not often that I recommend a lipstick that’s less than five dollars, but I am doing so here. Glamour Dolls Lip Creams skew young but who cares, because they are amazing. They are super pigmented and buildable so you can go as whisper-light or as intense and dramatic as you’d like. They also have a delish, vanilla cinnamon aroma that really comes to life when swiping the flat bullet across your lips. The formula is super hydrating, too. I like the lovely mix of moisture and pigment, coupled with a bargain price. That allows me to try trends without breaking the bank and with minimal buyer’s remorse if I get bored with it in a couple of weeks.

Glossier’s Wowder: For When You Want to Ditch the Dewy Sheen

Glossier is the Internet’s favorite brand. Its mantra is “Skin first, makeup second,” which it advances through minimalist products. The latest addition to Glossier’s repertoire is Wowder. Yes, Wowder is a cute pun but it’s also a really effective product. On those days when you want to ditch the dewy sheen and just enjoy a matte finish to your face, a couple swipes of Wowder is all you need for a flawless, shine-free canvas. Wowder not only eradicates shine, it also blurs pores and sets makeup. You know that chalky finish that is visible thanks to your cell phone camera flash with some face powders? Yeah, that’s not an issue with Wowder. The product is available in three finishes and is the perfect final touch to your makeup for the day. It also comes with a fluffy brush with skin-tickling bristles that are designed to disperse the product in perfect proportion. While I like to keep my face light and without additional products layered over top of it, Wowder doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. It’s easy to use and hard to detect. That’s why it’s rad makeup.

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