2021 Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Superb Presents to Pamper Mamas

Moms, and women who act as moms, deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day – and what better way than to shower the moms in your life with incredible gifts? Beauty News has rounded up some of the best products to really make mom feel loved on her special day.

Malicious Women Co.
If you are looking for a pleasurable and unique gift, head straight to Malicious Women Co. This creative company makes the most original and hilarious candles set for numerous occasions. Not only do these candles smell divine but each one has its own comedic and lively theme. Choose from options such as “Adulting – Infused with Insufficient Funds,” “Boss Lady – Infused with Hustle & Caffeine” or “Don’t Make Me Use My Mom Voice – Infused with Your Last Warning.” I had so much fun reading all the different labels it was really hard to make a decision because there is just so many good choices. Malicious Women is a female-owned company that not only makes candles but cosmetics, jewelry, and more. Get your sassy candles and learn more at maliciouswomenco.com.

Just in time for Mother’s Day SHESPOKE recently launched their new limited edition lip and cheek balm Le Stick. This bright ultra violet lip balm is just what you need when you want a fresh and energetic boost of color. The balm is super nourishing to keep your lips moisturized all day and it is produced with no ingredients that would be considered on the “dirty list” in the beauty industry. SHESPOKE is co-founded by Law & Order colleagues Stephanie March who is best-known for her role as ADA Alex Cabot, and Rebecca Perkins who was head of the makeup department. To learn more about SHESPOKE and purchase your exuberant balm go to https://shespokemakeup.com/.

Buck Naked Soap Floral Bath Bombs – The Blooms Box
Treat mom to the ultimate luxury and relaxing bath with Buck Naked Soap Company’s Bloom Box. The Buck Naked Soap Company has created the perfect bath bomb to take the every day bath to the next level. Incorporated with a mix of effective conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, these bath bombs help to keep the skin hydrated and vibrant. Each bomb scent has been carefully designed to set a specific mood to create a soothing and at home spa experience. The Bloom Box includes four refreshing spring scents: Lavender and Rosemary, Energizing Marigold, Rose and Moroccan Red Clay, and Indigo. This box is the perfect gift because who doesn’t need a little spoiling, and bath bombs are not an item you would normally buy for yourself. Join the mailing list and receive 10% off your next order. Pamper someone special today and go to https://bucknakedsoapcompany.com/

Eminence Organics Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Masque 
Say hello to pure organic goodness in its finest mask form. The Eminence Organics Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Masque is formulated to visibly improve the skin to decrease the appearance of environmental damage and visible signs of aging leaving your complexion utterly radiant. This powerful cream-gel mask can be used on all skin types so it makes a perfect gift because you don’t need to know if the person you are shopping for has sensitive, oily or dry skin. It is luxury product to treat mom to say I love you and you deserve some TLC. The mask smells fantastic and refreshing so when you put it on you feel as if you are at your own mini spa. Each masque provides you with a small spatula tool which is used to help spread the product onto your face easily so you don’t need to worry about brushes or using your fingers. For youthful skin this spring and summer, nab your mask at eminenceorganics.com/us.

This is a fantastic product that you would probably not consider on your list of things to buy mom, but it’s VERY useful. We all have had that issue when we are down to the last couple of drops of our makeup, but no matter what we do we cannot get it out. Spatty is your answer. This multipurpose spatula tool makes sure you get every last drop of product out of all your containers. Consumer reports say you discard up to 25% of your products. With Spatty you get your money’s worth! Never waste product again and go to https://thespatty.com/.

Stài Bella CC Serum with Vitamin C
We know how important using a serum is and Stài Bella CC Serum with Vitamin C has got it all. This nourishing packed vitamin serum has been praised for its dramatic results to enhance skin elasticity and keep it looking radiant. Powerhouse ingredients are combined together to create this effective product. Citrus Stem Cells from orange which helps to improve firmness, hyaluronic acid which boost hydration and vitamin C to aid in the appearance of age spots, even skin tone, control blemishes, and diminish redness. For maximum results use twice daily right after cleansing. Another wonderful thing about the Stài Bella company is that it is eco-conscious. All of the products are made with natural, organic, sustainable, or wild crafted elements and without the use of chemicals, cheap fillers, or preservatives. Even the packaging is either recyclable or refillable. You will always find a Batch Date because Stài Bella believes all natural things should have an expiration date. Say hello to glowing skin and learn more at https://www.staibella.com/

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Plushies 
Take care of your feet and get comfy with these super soft Aloe Plushies produced by the well-known skincare line Earth Therapeutics. Infused with natural aloe vera and vitamin E, these are the socks you want to wear when you are lounging around and want to give your feet that extra TLC. Put on your favorite foot lotion and then slip into the socks and let the plushies do their work as they continue to moisturize your feet. The socks smell good and they feel great. When you take them off you will have revitalized your winter feet and rendered them flip-flop ready. Earth Therapeutics is offering all users a 15% off discount on their first purchase from the entire Earth Therapeutics collection. Use the code Welcome2021 at checkout. Say hello to beautiful skin, and go to https://www.earththerapeutics.com/.

Eufora Urgent Repair Hand Cream
Combat harsh weather and take care of those dry, chapped hands with Eufora Urgent Repair Hand Cream. Made with with hydrating essential ingredients, jojoba, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, you only need a little cream to keep your hands nice and soft for hours. This is a wonderful side gift that you can easily carry in your purse, keep in your desk drawer, or leave in the car for when you need that boost of moisture. Always in season nab your cream at https://eufora.net/.

Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask 
Keep your skin youthful and looking fresh with the Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask. This cooling gel textured mask is glorifed for smoothing out fine lines and rejuvenating dead and dehydrated skin. It is suitable for all complexions and depending on your skin type you can even use the mask every day. This fabulous product is produced with potent natural hyaluronic acid to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, rosehip oil and manuka honey to intensely nourish, and aloe vera and New Zealand kawakawa to revive the skin. Apply with the spatula that is included and swipe across your face. You only need to leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes and then you are finished. What I really like about this product is that it is not messy. When you wash it off you don’t color your sink with some black or green mess like other face masks. Note, this is not one of those products you can say “I don’t have the time.” All you need is to add an extra five minutes to your face regimen and you will see results. Say hello to flawless skin and go to https://www.amazon.com.

Butter By Keba
For soft silky skin, lather yourself in Butter By Keba’s premium Body Butter. This lavish and rich cream will smooth your skin and boost your mood as every product is infused with carefully selected aromatherapy and perfumery used in every product. The brand has created an original blend of plant-based ingredients and phthalate-free natural essential oils to appeal to all your senses. Each of the formulas are produced without paraffins, petroleum, mineral oil, or harsh chemicals so you can feel good about what you put on your body. What I like about this body butter is that is really works and smells great without the scent being overwhelming. Most of the body butters have a typical 12-month shelf life when unopened and the brand suggests keeping the product in a cool place if you live in a warm and humid climate. Join the priority list and get 15% off your first purchase. Find everything you love about skin care at https://butterbykeba.com/.