A Baker’s Dozen: The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Taste

From beauty to home décor and everything in between, check our roundup of the most unique and sought out gifts this holiday season:

The Jenesis House Candles 
There is something about candles you just can’t go wrong with. I mean, who does not like walking into a room that smells divine or seeing that glowing light that seems to make any type of place so much brighter and happier. Bonus, candles are one versatile gift that seems to go well with anyone. The Jenesis House Candles are an extraordinary brand and come in three enchanting fragrances: Chèque In, Chèque Out, and Chèque Ya. Combined from a blend of essential oils, 100% US-grown soy wax and a wood wick, The Jenesis House Crystal candles have what feels like an everlasting burn up to 50 hours. Each candle comes with a complimentary candle refill and they are all non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. What I love about these particular candles is that that they all come with a charged healing crystal to help create a powerful, spiritual and calming environment wherever you are. Get your intoxicating candles and learn more at https://www.thejenesishouse.com/shop-all-candles.

Puzzle Sensei
If you happened to pick up puzzles as a hobby during the pandemic or happen to really like this engaging pastime you will love Puzzle Sensei. This jigsaw puzzle company has made three brilliant and original puzzles that are sure to keep you and your loved ones entertained. And puzzles are also good for the brain improving cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. Puzzle Sensei offers the following puzzles: Lucky Ramen – This novel puzzle features the iconic Manekineko cat eating a bowl of ramen in Japan. Dimsum Factory – This busy factory puzzle features chickens making iconic dimsum dishes. Shabu Frenzy – This creative puzzle highlights an all you can eat hot pot shop in Taiwan surrounded by tasty ingredients. What is charitable about the Puzzle Sensei company is that a portion of all profits are donated to organizations who work towards fighting food insecurity. Sign up for mailing list and receive 10% off your first order. Get puzzling – go directly to https://thepuzzlesensei.com/.

123 Baby Box
Family, friends, or colleagues just have a baby? Then the award-winning 123 Baby Box will make an excellent and really beneficial gift. 123 Baby Box is quite the fitting subscription box that exclusively includes five to six full-sized age-appropriate baby toys and toiletries, plus a treat for the parents. Created by Zarina, she has expertly curated and devotedly crafted each box with top-brand baby products. Her baby box team meticulously researches and hand-picks each product so every box is filled with the best of the best! With over $100 of value in each box choose from monthly, six month or an annual prepaid subscription plan for the best deal. From infant to toddler, the 123 Baby Box will make any parents day. Follow on Instagram @123babybox. Give the gift that keeps on giving and go to https://123babybox.com/

Bellion Vodka
Who doesn’t like to have a cocktail or two? If vodka happens to be one of your favorite liquors of choice you will love Bellion Vodka. It tastes fantastic and goes down smooth. Bellion has a superior and distinguished palate but its economical. This vodka makes an attractable noteworthy gift or party favor. Bellion Vodka is also the world’s first functional spirit because it blends the traditional distillation process with NTX technology. What the company strives to do is address the common concerns of alcohol consumption without removing any of the desired effects. Another wonderful feature about Bellion is because the vodka is made with high quality ingredients you are less likely to have a hangover. It really is a “functional spirit.” Of course, drink responsibly. Get ready for your next soirée! Visit https://bellionvodka.com/.

Whether your drink is hot or cold keep your beverages just as they were made for hours with MyBevi. This top-quality product is a vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler that is perfect to take when you are on the go. Made with BPA free materials, not only is MyBevi environmentally friendly because you are not using more paper and plastic cups, but it is also better for your bank account. The removable lid slider makes for easy cleaning and you can choose from a variety of cool colors. Use code SAVE20 for 20% off your order of $60 or more at https://mybevi.com/collections/classic.

Peak Scents – The Ultimate Facial Bundle
For an at home spa day pamper yourself and anyone who could use some TLC with Peak Scents The Ultimate Facial Bundle. The organic, cruelty-free line has created the ultimate package that will nourish and enhance your complexion so that it is left glowing and youthful. This exclusive bundle includes: The Rose Phyto3 Cleanser, Toner, .5 oz Facial oil, 1 oz Power Repair Hyaluronic + C Serum, 2 oz Rose Facial Mist and a Jade Roller. With these powerhouse products used daily you can work to conquer aging lines, clogged pores, and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Peak Scents will take care of a myriad of skincare issues. Sign up for emails and receive 15% off your first order. Discover these amazing products and more at https://peakscents.com/products/the-ultimate-facial-bundle.

Everyman Jack Captain America Kit
Bring some excitement into your loved ones grooming routine with the limited edition of Everyman Jack Captain America Kit. This fresh citrus smelling flight body kit was inspired by Marvel’s popular Captain America to get heroic clean and have fun while you are at it. Included in the package is a hydrating body wash, 2-in-1 shampoo and an aluminum-free deodorant. Grab your kit today HERE.

Maddie Necklace
Fit for any occasion, the Maddie Necklace is a great gift for all ages – especially if you are not sure what to buy. This exquisite Maddie Necklace features an array of gemstones with a center cluster that is sure to dazzle and make any outfit that much more stylist and sophisticated. Find this glamorous accessory HERE.

Rose Skin Co. IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset
If you don’t like shaving and if waxing is too painful you can achieve smooth hairless skin with Rose Skin Co. This fantastic IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset zaps away unwanted hair and stops any further hair growth. It makes a great present because it is a gift that most people would not normally buy for themselves and it is essential1. The product was created to deliver long term hair removal and noticeable results in just three weeks. That’s not bad if you live in a colder climate and not showing off most of your body parts at the moment. So a win win holiday indulgence. You can even use it on your face and bikini area. With the Rose Skin Co. IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset not only will you soft and beautiful skin, you will also save lots of money in the long run. No more waxing salons and razors for you. Receive 10% off your first order and free shipping worldwide when you sign up for emails. Never shave again! Order at https://roseskinco.com/.

Calypso Shapewear 
During the holidays many of us increase our intake of fattening culinary delights and probably imbibe in a few more adult beverages than during the rest of the year. Then it just seems to happen overnight that our clothes don’t fit the way they did a couple weeks ago. Yikes. In comes Calypso Shapewear to the rescue. This new affordable line was designed to make women feel confident and at their very best no matter what they are wearing. Calypso lifts and compresses where you need it the most without the constriction that makes you feel like you can’t breathe after a couple of minutes. Enhance your shape and stay comfortable all at the same time – no one even has to know. Free shipping on orders over $75. Diet later and nab your Calypso Shapewear at https://calypsoco.com/.

Crated With Love
Take date night to the next level with Crated with Love. Founded by long time partners Tyler and Michelle, they have created date night boxes and card games to help couples laugh and reconnect more. With a unique array of different boxes to choose from your date night will be anything of the ordinary. Best part is Crated with Love offers a subscription option and also a single purchase option if you just want to try it out. The price starts at $29.99 per box so bring your own wine and enjoy a proper night out for a reasonable cost. Each date box comes with four to five exciting games or activities that focus on laughter and reconnection. Get 25% off your order when you sign up for emails and text. Spice up your next date night and go to https://cratedwithlove.com/.

Blossom & Stone Rose Quartz
For a bit of relaxation or to just unwind from the day check out Blossom & Stone’s Rose Quartz. Produced by Kelsey Kennedy, she says the rose quartz helps to charge in healing energy and promote self-love while the CBD works to heal anxiety. What is fun about this product is you can make mocktails! One complete full dropper is enough to mix in a drink for the day. Even though Blossom & Stone’s CBD has zero THC, Kelsey recommends that people start with a smaller dose and see how it feels for them. “I’d suggest start with a 1/2 dropper in your cocktail and then you can always enjoy another.” Besides making a mocktail Kelsey says her other favorite way to take Blossom & Stone is under the tongue. “I do one full dropper and hold it for about 60 seconds before swallowing. I also put it in my coffee to reduce caffeine jitters, and in my midday smoothie to alleviate any anxiety that has built up during the day.” Blossom & Stone’s tincture combines hemp flowers and crystals. It is hand bottled in small batches during every full and new moon for quality and freshness. Learn more about this magical product at https://www.blossomandstone.com/shop.?