A More Youthful Appearance with Osmosis & Baebody

As we age, fat loss occurs in our visage, creating a gaunter appearance. Injections can help recreate a fuller appearance by filling in areas where a loss of volume occurs – but injections aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, as sometimes they can make us look weird or too bloated.

Osmosis Recovery Prebiotic, Omega & Fat Pad Renewal is a wonderful, easy alternative. A dietary supplement that can help replace some of the facial volume loss that occurs with aging, it restores fat loss in facial pads and lip volume. Sounds too good to be true, right? How can a liquid fill out your face? Well, the Osmosis Renewal nourishes defective fat cells that are not receiving critical nutrients to stay energetic and active, and by re-activating these fat cells, it replenishes the volume of your visage while respecting its natural look, something that fillers do not always do. The other benefit of Osmosis Renewal is that it feeds cells and supports cellular function with Omega fatty acid.

I started taking Renewal for two weeks and noticed that the pesky little lines on the sides of my eyes are somehow less visible and that my face seems a little fuller in the middle. Take 1 tbsp (15mL) twice daily for fat pad recovery or take 2 tsp (10mL) once daily for probiotic and Omega fatty acid recovery. Fat pad recovery typically requires 7 bottles, and probiotic recovery typically requires 3 bottles. Once your goal is reached, maintenance is 1 tsp (5mL) per day.

Osmosis is a clean, non-toxic professional skincare company developed by doctors. Its patented products have all been fully tested and clinically validated. Each of these innovative products is designed and formulated to help create real, visible changes in the skin.

Price: $159
Available: https://osmosisbeauty.com/products/recovery-prebiotic-omega-fat-pad-renewal-elixir

Baebody Collagen Gummy Vitamins promote youthful & healthy skin, hair, nails & joints. The 60 Citrus Gummies are truly delicious, not too sweet with a little tartness. Take two every day to enjoy the benefits of collagen support and keep your skin wrinkle-free and glowing. After a bottle, you’ll realize that you need less Botox visits, or may even give them up altogether.

Price: $16.95
Available: https://baebody.com/products/collagen-gummy-vitamin