Are Mornings a Struggle? Here Are Some Suggestions…

Are you simply not a morning person? Is getting out of your bed a colossal challenge? Well it is for me – and I desperately want to be someone who is up before the sun, finishing a billion tasks before 9 a.m. instead of hitting snooze. Here are the tricks I’ve used to make waking up less painful and more productive:

Journelle – Lilly Short Sleeve Pajama Set

First and foremost, it starts with the quality of sleep I’m having. I owe it to myself to be cushioned in pillowy softness, which includes my PJ set. Journelle’s Lilly Short Sleeve Pajama Set does it for me. Rose petal pink and ultra femme with a cute white piping detail to the edges. I feel so cute while slumbering and when I rise, the feeling continues with the fabric holding me in a cloud of comfort. This matching set is the foundation of my much needed zzz’s, so I can wake up busy as a bee!

Zoop – Pet Odor Eliminating Non-Toxic Scented Reed Diffuser

Second step: scent. Smell is a powerful trick in getting myself up and at it, and thanks to Zoop’s Pet Odor Eliminating Non-Toxic Scented Reed Diffuser, I have a zesty aroma to get my senses perky! I set up the reed diffuser first thing in the morning (I bring it out from my living room) onto my bedside table. My dogs (bless their furry souls) smell like… well, dogs. Zoop’s created this diffuser that is pet safe, vegan, and cruelty free, and smells like sun-kissed citrus from a grove of juicy Georgian peaches! The nano-particles in the blend eliminate order and get my body into a state of “let’s go and walk the dogs.” My dogs love it and so do I.

Melt InfusionsSea Moss + Uplift + Unwind

After a quick walking of the beasts, step three: supplements. Melt Infusions’ bundle of Sea Moss + Uplift + Unwind is my go-to. I took Unwind at night to encourage relaxation. Formulated with adaptogens and nervine herbs: lemon balm, lavender, ashwagandha, skullcap, passion flower, valerian, holy basil (tulsi), and chamomile. I drop Unwind under my tongue and snuggle into bed with the doggies. In the mornings to boost my system I reach for Uplift to brighten my spirits. A blend of eleuthero, schisandra, holy basil, lemon balm, damiana, nettle and motherwort make up the drops as I take it with my morning juice shot. Uplift perks me right up and everything feels just right. I follow up with Melts Infusions’ Sea Moss capsule. Sea moss has so many benefits from skin appearance, digestion, cognitive, repository, the list goes on! I feel it throughout the day and now it’s a staple in my morning routine.


Step Four, say no more: time for skincare. I do a quick shower and move onto skincare with EltaMD.
I wash off my Skin Recovery Night Mask (which helps to rebuild my skin barrier while I sleep) with the Foaming Facial Cleanser. This cleanser starts off as a gel and foams up as I work it into my skin. The popping bubbles sensation helps to shake off the last bits of sleep in my system. The star ingredient bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) works by eating away at dry old skin cells to reveal a baby-soft complexion.

I pat dry and follow up with the Barrier Renewal Complex Moisturizer , full of squalane, biotin, enzymes, and ceramides to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and boost my hydration.

My last step is the UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 40 to protect my skin throughout the day. This sunscreen applies evenly without a weird white cast, I’m in love! Skincare is a step that starts my day off right and gives me that boost in the A.M.

Primal Life Organics – Real White Dental Boost

Number five, teeth! Teeth are one of the first things people notice about you, so I want mine to be bright and stain-free. I have super sensitive chompers so whitening can be a hit-or-miss. Primal Life’s Real White Dental Boost Paste has been a winner in my morning routine. I just apply two pumps to my toothbrush and brush until it coats my whole mouth. I leave it on for two minutes and rinse out my mouth. After some time I’ve noticed my teeth get whiter and get less sensitive, thanks to the nano-hydroxypatite in the formula that rebuilds the foundations of my teeth health. Plus theobromine (derived from cocoa) that helps to strengthen my teeth for a dazzling smile.

WAMA Underwear

Sixth in the lineup, hemp undies. WAMA Underwear offers breathable, flexible, and snug undergarments that build up excitement to start my day. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and extremely cozy against my skin and WAMA does it right! I put on the Bikini Underwear and the Racerback Bralette. Throughout the day, I noticed less sweat in my nether regions, and my bust is supported without the discomfort of wires. The sleek black color renders me chic and sexy while still being comfortable. Hemp is a must for feeling my very best so I can do my very best throughout the day, thanks to WAMA.

52 Days of Style

Last step before heading out that door: outfit. Mornings notoriously suck for me because I have no idea what to wear. I would usually bum-rush a combo of leggings, last week’s tank top and an old sweater with a small hole in it before slipping on my UGGs. No longer the case with my new morning routine and 52 Days of Style card deck! These cards are a blend of style advice, positive affirmations, and fun; my favorites include adding a feminine touch with something lacy, a bow, or some pink! I grabbed my lace trim shirt and pink jeans for a girly day and felt right at home in my girly energy. Another unexpected favorite was a card that spoke about the color green: abundance, renewal, growth. I put on some green eyeshadow and hair clips and had compliments pour in. 52 Days of Style is my final addition for a perfect morning.