Awesome Skin Coverage-Meets-SkinCare Brands (with Benefits): Joah + Beautyblender

With the minimal makeup trend, a flawless, glowing complexion is key to achieving a subtle luminosity that creates such elegance and a sense of confidence. Traditionally foundation was used as a second skin to cover flaws. It was so thick and pasty that women looked artificial when wearing it, but foundation has come a long way and today’s cover-ups feel more like skincare than makeup, highlighting a natural look that is simply perfected. Here are our two favorites that combine all that you love in skincare with the best feather-like foundation:

Joah’s new Crystal Glow Primedation is a totally cool new “makeup meets skincare” collection that covers your skin’s imperfections while hydrating it with hyaluronic acid, plumping it with collagen, boosting its radiance with a illuminizing peptide, and even protecting it from blue light damage. That’s a lot. The light formula offers medium coverage with an easily absorbed texture that doesn’t simply sit on your skin, but melts into it to transform it into a fresher, brighter, and more even version – with a finish that is totally natural. Find your exact shade within 24 possibilities that range from very fair with cool undertones to dark with warm undertones. Joah embraces the Korean beauty philosophy that beauty starts with luminous healthy skin. Grab your color at

We also love Beautyblender’s new BOUNCE Always On Radiant Skin Tint, a liquid lightweight formula that melts into the skin, leaving a super-feathery film. Rich in skin-enhancing ingredients to plump and protect – such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide – you can relax knowing that your skin will look its best for 12 hours without any extra application or hydration. After receiving raves for its original easily blend-able foundation, Beautyblender’s new BOUNCE is the same popular skin- mimicking formula, but improved with skin hydration that keeps it fresh on the face.

The Stats:
100% said skin looked healthy with Bounce skin tint.
100% reported applications lasted for up to 12 hours.
100% saw brighter skin.
93% agreed skin felt smoother
100% reported product was weightless.

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