Beat The Heat While Looking and Feeling Your Best

The temperature in New York City has been HOT and HUMID. The unpleasant conditions make me feel more hesitant to go out, but after discovering these products I feel more assured knowing that my skin will be dewy, my makeup won’t slide off, I’ll be energized to greet the day, and relaxed to go to sleep in the evening all while looking cool when I head over to a group gather- even if it’s outside!

The Face

In heated temps, I go for a natural base- but as I have dry skin, I need my skin moisturized before I can even think about starting my day. Cue Brandefy’s Silks Triple Lipid Cream

Brandefy Silks Triple Lipid Cream


This cream hydrates my skin like no other. This cream is formulated with 1.5% pure ceramides, 4.0% pomegranate sterols, and 1.8% fatty acids, all aiming to strengthen the skin’s barrier. If you’ve tried and loved the L’Oréal’s SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore cream, this is almost a perfect dupe- at a third of the price! Brandefy uses thoughts from real purchasers to gather opinions on the best products from favorite brands, to then partner with world-class chemists and dermatologists to formulate similar products without the brand specific markup. It’s a win-win for me!

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After my skin-prep, I attempt to look presentable even when I don’t feel it. The best way I know to do that? Making sure my eyebrows look on-fleek at all times.

iMethod Eyebrow Lamination Kit 

I recently tried the iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Lamination kit, and now I don’t think I can go back to un-laminated eyebrows. Brow lamination involves the “perming” of eyebrow hairs that creates fuller, and more even look. It also keeps them in place even after washing off any brow products you use. The kit comes with everything you need to laminate with easy-to-follow instructions and labeled products to guide you through each step of the process. As someone with naturally fine hair, I usually always have product in my brows- whether it’s using a pencil to fill in the gaps, or brushing in a glue to even the shape to make them look fuller. I am now two weeks post using this lamination kit, and all I do is brush my brows each morning to get them to the shape I want and they stick to the fluffy brushed up shape all day. I love this for the hot summer, because I won’t risk any product coming off from sweating, and when I know my brows look good- I feel good. See photos of the process below!

During the process, after applying lotion onto my brows and using the Preservative Film to set the hairs in place

The final results after using the iMethod Lamination Kit

Try the iMethod Eyebrow Lamination Kit here

The last step to my makeup is my favorite – blush!

m2u Cream Blush Sticks

I use m2u Cream Blush Sticks to complete my summer makeup. This blush is SUPER pigmented! I made the mistake of swiping directly onto my face the first time I used it and my cheeks were just a tad bit TOO rosy. But now I’ve learned the best way to apply is with a finger (or a brush). This ulta creamy blush is so versatile, it can be used on the cheeks as well as  lips and eyes for extra color. My favorite of the three colors is Fairy, a princess pink color that makes my cheeks look flushed and healthy. I keep one in my work bag because you never know when you might want to pack on a little glow! 

Find the Cream Blush Sticks from m2u here

After my visual self is looking presentable, I make sure my physical self is in top condition. Lately, My Girl Wellness products are the first and last things that I drink in a day.

Spa Water and Busy Bee powdered elixirs from My Girl Wellness

The Busy Bee powdered elixir has caffeine (but less than coffee, which is why I reach for it every morning!) as well as a plethora of healthy ingredients like vitamin B12, potassium, L-theanine, Ginseng Root Powder. It also gets its sweetness from Monkfruit extract. The taste is divine, with lemon and cucumber essence. A perfect way to start the morning!

In the evening right before bed, I drink the Spa Water. The Spa Water powered elixir is formulated for skin and hydration to promote new skin cell growth and smooth the texture of skin. It hosts a powerhouse of healthy vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, calcium, magnesium oxide, zinc, selenium, coconut water powder, bamboo leaf, and hyaluronic Acid. We all know and love a little HA in our skincare, but drinking it is the real deal!

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But what will I be doing this hot summer after I’ve made sure I look good, and feel good? Spending time outside! Even in these warm temperatures, I still need to take advantage of being able to go outside since NYC is basically cold for seven months of the year. My favorite ways to spend time outside in the summer are hitting Rockaway Beach, or gathering for a picnic in Central Park. And of course, summer gatherings are always more fun with a cold beverage. I’ve relied HEAVILY on these two products.

Freezable Wine Cooler Bag from Packit

The Freezable Wine Cooler Bag from Packit is a must-have for the beach. I keep this bag in my freezer until the day of beaching, and then I stick my bottle of wine, lemonade, or seltzer inside! This bag keeps my drinks cold even in full sun exposure. It is also great if you don’t have anything on hand and need to buy a beverage at the bodega before beaching, your room-temp will be cold and refreshing in a short time within the Packit bag. As someone who can be forgetful, this is super useful. I also love that this bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder because I know my hands will be full when I’m going to the beach. The inside is also lined with water-resistant lining, so there is never any worry about cleanup after a potential spill situation!

Shop the Freezable Wine Cooler Bag here!

The Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet from Out of the Woods

The Out of the Woods Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet is my pick for bringing beverages to a picnic or outdoor event. I’ll keep my chosen beverages in the fridge or freezer and then stick them in before heading out! The bag is made from the Out of the Woods signature Supernatural Paper which is FSC®-certified, ensuring it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Both the inside and outside of the bag are waterproof, and can be easily wiped clean in case of any spillage. But mostly,  I love the minimalist look of this valet bag, it looks good with any outfit. You might just say, it’s the perfect accessory.

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Hannah Kadyrov

Hannah Kadyrov is a native New Yorker and first generation American. You can most often find her scouring a flea market in search .925 silver and vintage denim, visiting Brighton Beach to get a taste of nostalgic Russian delicacies, taking her cat on a walk in Central Park, or at the MET. She is an adventurous foodie and will never say no to a new taste. Hannah studied Fine Arts at The Fashion Institute of Technology before spending the next few years working different roles in Print Publishing and Advertising. Her current focus is reading as much as possible and writing about anything and everything.